Celebrate Occult Day by getting in touch with the magic within you!

Every November 18th we honor the world of witches, spirits, and all things mystical with Occult Day. In keeping with the mysterious nature of the occult, the origins of this day are unknown. Still, cultures across the world celebrate this day with rituals and festivals. Today, Watkins is celebrating with an “appreciation” of Colin Wilson’s massive work, The Occult.

Originally publishing in 1971, The Occult and its theories were far ahead of its time. Consisting of three in-depth sections, Wilson’s masterpiece gives a thorough account of magic and mysticism throughout history and across cultures—from the earliest cave paintings to 19th century witchcraft. But The Occult is not only an historical work, it is also an important piece of evolutionary theory.

According to Wilson, the occult is a natural faculty that we all possess, much like touch and sight. Over the course of time, man has evolved past the daily need for his occult abilities, and has instead honed his rational, intelligent mind. The occult now lies dormant within us. Only 5% of people are in touch with their occult side – psychics, artists, and the like – but Wilson’s theory explains that in order to reach our evolutionary peak, we must now turn inward to the hidden levels of our being and tap into those magical abilities common to ancient man. This hidden feature Wilson famous called, “Faculty X.”

When we read epics like Gilgamesh and Beowulf and folklore and fairytales like Grimm’s, we encounter characters with mystical qualities and magical abilities, never questioning the fact that these are simply works of fiction. Wilson believed that these qualities and abilities are real and true—not fictional. This is not to say you can summon angels with the swish of your hand or cast spells with a cauldron. Rather, our minds have the latent ability to tap into unseen forces and realities outside of our “telescopic consciousness” (another Wilson coinage).

We have come extremely far as a species, from caves to cities and beyond, using our rationality and thinking minds. By getting back to our spirituality and the mystical power we all possess – and combining intelligence with instinct – we can progress even further into the future.

Celebrate Occult Day by getting in touch with the magic within you!


Vicky Hartley is the Marketing Director and Head of Digital for Watkins Publishing Limited (including Duncan Baird Publishers)