I Am Blessed, You Are Evolving

I Am/You Are is an inspirational, reversible gift book, and a very practical way to change your negative thoughts in to positive ones using the mirror technique. The book is small and light and it can be carried in your handbag and pulled out when you need to practice this efficient affirmation technique. We asked author, tarot reader and angel intuitive Rosemary Gallagher about the best way to use the book and to list five words to affirm herself and us at Watkins.

Watkins: Your book I am/You are has just been released. It is a single-word, reversible, inspirational gift book. Can you tell us how the book came about?
Rosemary Gallagher: The idea for this book came about over a glass of wine one night with a couple of friends.  One of the girls (who I didn’t know that well) asked me what message it was that I was trying to get across to people with the work that I do as a tarot reader/angel intuitive.  My answer was one of self-love and acceptance, and how my goal is to help others realise the importance of such, and to guide them on their own journey towards building up their self-esteem and self-worth. This got the conversation moving towards the importance of affirmations, and by the second glass of wine I am/You are was created!

Every day for a week do something that will make you feel amazing i.e. spoil yourself; exercise; or do something which is out of your comfort zone and see how good it makes you feel after you’ve done it.

W: How can a single word be used to set goals and affirm oneself? How can we practically use the book?
RG: I think a good way to set goals using a single word affirmation is to pick a word and use the word, or action the word, over a course of a week. For example start with the A affirmation – I am Amazing. Every day for a week do something that will make you feel this way i.e. spoil yourself; exercise; or do something which is out of your comfort zone and see how good it makes you feel after you’ve done it.  I am sure you will feel AMAZING!
All affirmations take practice and time to see results, but if you put intention and belief behind what you are affirming, you will have much quicker results. One of the easiest ways is to look in the mirror and affirm ‘I AM…[insert affirmation]’ and answer back ‘Yes, YOU ARE.’ The mirror technique really is the quickest way to change your negative thought. Also I suggest people make up their own I AM book of A-Z affirmations.  It can be fun and an eye-opener!

I am blessed you are evolving

W: If you could pick five affirmation words for yourself and for us at Watkins, what would you pick?
I am Blessed – I am blessed to have such loving family and friends. To have a job where I have freedom and a home that is mine.
I am Unique – I enjoy being a little bit different from everyone else, my uniqueness sets me apart and I like that; I won’t get lost in a crowd.
I am Necessary – For a while I questioned this, but now I know that I am necessary and the world wouldn’t be the same without me in it.
I am Loved – Because I love… it is returned in an abundance.
I am Evolving – Everyday I learn something new about myself through keeping an open mind; the more I evolve the happier I am.

You are Blessed – If there are times when you doubt what you have, look around you and see what others don’t have. Yes, you are blessed.
You are Unique – It’s okay to be different, you don’t have to be the same as everybody else. You are one of a kind. Wow!
You are Necessary – We were all created for a purpose and without you there would be a piece of the universal puzzle missing. You are necessary.
You are Loved – You were created from love, therefore you will always be.
You are Evolving – Go with it, keep an open mind and enjoy the journey. It’s a great feeling when you start to grow into the beautiful person you are meant to be.


Rosemary Gallagher
I am/You are
£4.99, available from Watkins Publishing



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