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Explore Karnak’s Sacred Energy

If you ever felt drawn by the energy of certain sacred sites, this oracle cards is for you. Author Barbara Meiklejohn‐Free invites you to explore Karnak, one of the 52 sacred sites featured in Sacred Sites Oracle Cards, a unique oracle, beautifully illustrated by Yuri Leitch,…

Tarot FAQ

Today on the blog, we’re answering some of your most asked questions about tarot and using tarot cards. Without further ado, let’s get to those questions, shall we? Q. How many cards are there in a standard tarot deck? A. Let’s start with the basics.…
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The Blind Spot Oracle

by Teal Swan What are you not seeing? A blind spot is an area where a person’s view is obstructed. We have these blind spots not only in our vision, but also in our awareness – which vision is only one small part of. We…

Connecting With Mother Earth

Connected With mother Earth is an extract from  Earth Blessings: Using crystals for personal energy clearing, Earth Healing and environmental enhancement by Judy Hall. Our planet is in constant dynamic motion, flowing and changing, expanding and contracting. To the ancients the Earth was alive, a…

The Realm of the Ancestors

When looking to the ancestors, we are turning to the oldest parts of ourselves, calling to those memories, images, stories, people and practices that define who and what we are. We are a product of our past, genetically, psychically and relationally. A wise teacher once…