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Astounding revelations about a hitherto unknown civilization which pre-dates the Ancient Egyptians — from a powerful team including the co-author of the bestseller The Hiram Key

This is the extraordinary story of how a quest to try to crack the mystery of the “Megalithic Yard” — an ancient unit of linear measurement — led to the discovery of compelling evidence pointing to the existence of an unknown, highly advanced culture which was the precursor to the earliest known civilizations.
There must have been a Civilization One.

Hard facts that change history for ever:

  • The builders of the Stone Age monuments of the British Isles used a unit of length that was defined to one ten-thousandth of a millimeter
  • That unit is fundamental to the Sun, Moon, and Earth
  • The pound and the pint are derived from this prehistoric unit of length
  • There are 366 degrees to an Earth circle, not 360
  • The meter, kilo, and liter were in use over 4,000 years before the French “invented” them
  • The hour, minute, and second were developed more than two millennia before Christ—from the movements of the Moon
  • The further back in time all measurements are studied, the more they merge into one great system

“…one of the biggest breakthroughs of all time … this is the definitive proof that civilization is thousands of years older than historians believe.” Colin Wilson

“Thought-provoking” Sunday Express, London

“A compelling case” Prediction, London

About the authors

CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT has co-authored four books with Robert Lomas. His first book, “The Hiram Key, became an international bestseller, selling over a million copies worldwide.

ALAN BUTLER is fascinated by history, as well as being an expert in astrology and astronomy. He has published four successful books, and is a playwright and radio dramatist.

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