Life-changing Conversations


How to have the conversations that will move your life forward – with your boss, your partner, your friends and your children

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Have that Big Conversation – and change your life!


Do you feel stuck for words at crucial moments?
Do you find you haven’t really been heard?
Does your communication let you down?


Talk is our key tool for moving forward in every aspect of our life.
Yet how often do you feel you’ve missed an opportunity or failed to
express what mattered most to you? Whether you need to talk with
your partner about a relationship problem or to your boss about your
career, this book will give you the know-how to achieve your goals.

  • A 7-point plan to help you grow in confidence and achieve lasting results
  • Real-life case studies of ordinary people who transformed their lives
    through conversation
  • A 7-point plan to help you grow in confidence and achieve lasting results
  • Examples of simple changes in approach that create trust, openness and
    new possibilities


Meaningful conversation is the single most effective way to bring about real
change and growth in your life. This book shows you how.

About Sarah Rozenthuler

Sarah Rozenthuler is a leading psychologist and
organizational consultant working with government bodies
and well-known global corporations. Her mind-body-spirit
events, endorsed by Neale Donald Walsch, have earned her
an international reputation.

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