The Power of Acceptance


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A Guide to Ending the Search for Perfection by Surrendering to What Is

The key to finding inner peace, happiness, health, and success is not found in learning how to change what is, but in learning to want what is. In this simple guidebook, Annemarie Postma offers us concrete examples of acceptance, showing us that the moment we let go of our inner resistance we can begin to live life from a magical and fresh perspective.

Imagine everything that happens in life happens for a reason. What would that mean? What do the challenges you meet along the way tell you about what you are here to learn, what have you come to teach others and what do you have to give to this life?

By asking yourself these questions, the challenges in your life will suddenly have a different meaning and significance. When you choose to approach things in this manner, you will find yourself going down a completely new road. A road which offers a more loving space to everything that happens in our lives. Do you need to be a New Age guru or believe in hocus-pocus in order to do this? Not at all, don’t worry! This is really a book for everyone. For anyone who is curious and eager to learn – anyone who is interested in real personal growth.

The biggest changes will take place when you no longer believe something needs to be changed


About Annemarie Postma

Annemarie Postma was born in the Netherlands in 1969. Partially paralysed as a result of an untreated tick bite in childhood, she studied law, but became the first professional model in Europe with a disability, appearing in Playboy in 1995. In demand for TV talk shows at home and internationally, she has since become a well-known campaigner and writer with a special interest in self-esteem and self-respect. Since 2005, Annemarie has been goodwill ambassador of the Netherlands Foundation for Handicapped Children.

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