The Symbol Detective


Interpret symbols no matter where you are with this easy-to-use guide – whether you are in a museum, a church or simply walking down the high street, you’ll never be flummoxed by a motif again

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This practical, easy-to-follow field guide will enable you to pursue your own sleuthing trail through the iconology and symbology of the world’s religions, secret societies and cults. As you investigate these fascinating subjects you are sure to unearth hidden meanings in paintings, buildings and decorative arts which will allow you to discover more about beliefs and resonances deeply rooted in the past, many of which continue into the present.

The Symbol Detective is a complete how-to manual, organized into two parts. Part One provides essential background about types of symbol, organized thematically into a recognition guide and explanatory glossary for dozens of commonly encountered motifs. The precise meaning of these will depend on their use and context, which is explored in Part Two, devoted to Belief Systems. Using the knowledge gained from Part One, you will be equipped to recognize many of the common symbols used by religions such as Christianity and Buddhism, and by groups such as the Freemasons and the Hermeticists. With illustrated references to mysteriously adorned buildings such as Roslyn Chapel (Scotland) and The Salt Lake Mormon Temple (Utah),

The Symbol Detective will enable you to recognize motifs in situ and begin your personal journey to reveal layers of meaning in artifacts of all kinds.

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