Tibetan Buddhist Meditation


An exquisite card deck, with a built-in easel in the box, focused on practising the art of Tibetan meditation for uniting compassion and wisdom

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The Buddhism of Tibet is an intoxicating blend of the rational and the magical, where the indigenous pre-Buddhist beliefs honouring natural forces as divine powers have been blended with the Buddhist emphasis on compassion. The result is a distinct form of practice using rites, rituals, yoga, mantras and magic as a way of bringing about the rapid attainment of the Buddhist goal of uniting compassion and wisdom.

This beautifully designed deck of 52 meditation cards offers practical wisdom and inspiring guidance to assist you in your spiritual growth. Attractively illustrated with evocative Tibetan art, the cards are divided into four suits, each focusing on a stage of spiritual development – Ritual, Meditation, Tantra and Compassionate Wisdom. Each card features visualisations, meditations, exercises, techniques and inspiring quotations, while the reverse shows a magnificent image of a Tibetan Buddhist deity, designed to be used as a meditation aid. The box of the deck itself forms a folding easel – an ingenious way of displaying the cards, enabling you to focus fully on each one as you meditate. This deck will be an essential companion for everyone seeking wisdom and harmony in their life.

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