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Support Lars Muhl and contribute to his crowdfunding campaign for his documentary Yeshua: Lost in Translation


Our author Lars Muhl (The O Manuscript, The Law of Light) is crowdfunding to pay for the post production of his documentary Yeshua – Lost in Translation.

If you join this campaign, you will be part of a community helping to distribute an alternative story about Jesus or Yeshua (his Aramaic name), and be able to get some unique perks and experiences.

These include:

  • An online lecture with Lars about the book behind the movie, The Law of Light
  • An online q+a with Lars about the making of the movie
  • A signed first edition of The O Manuscript
  • Access to an exclusive screening of the film
  • VIP sponsors can get their company or personal name in the finalised movie, and get 2 VIP tickets for the the closed screening in Grand Teatret in Copenhagen, Denmark.

To support go to – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/yeshua-lost-in-translation-a-documentary-film#/