Stephen Sturgess on Yoga, The Soul And Consciousness

Stephen Sturgess is a London ­based yoga and meditation teacher, and the author of The Book of Chakras and Subtle Bodies, Yoga Meditation and The Yoga Book, a recommended text of the British Wheel of Yoga. Since 1969 Stephen has studied and practised yoga and meditation in India and UK under the expertise of well-known gurus.

Practised authentically, yoga provides us with a starting point for meditation, which awakens us to our oneness with true reality. This book demonstrates how to use a wide range of yoga postures, purification practices, breathing exercises and meditation practices as a portal to a higher consciousness – with all the everyday benefits implied in that phrase: an enhanced sense of peace, love, joy, happiness, harmony and personal fulfillment.

Drawing upon the tradition of Kriya Yoga – the goal of which is to attune one’s individual consciousness with the Divine, or Universal, Consciousness – Stephen Sturgess shows us how to progress beyond the subtle body to the vital, contented mind.

The talk has been recorded at Watkins Books on July 8th, 2015.

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