#14days of Wellbeing Round Up!

We hope you have enjoyed the past 14 days! We loved sharing our wellbeing tips and tricks with you. If you would like to find out more, and to be informed about the next time we do the #14days of wellbeing, please sign up to our newsletter!

The books that we have included, and you might like to delve a little deeper into, are:

I am You are


Rosemary Gallagher

I am/You are
£4.99, available from Watkins Publishing





Mark Singleton
Yoga for You and Your Child
£12.99, Available from Watkins Publishing




The AhaFactor_UK_Minijacket



Mariana M. Cooper
The Aha Factor
£10.99, Available from Watkins Publishing







Sarah Silverton
The Mindfulness Key 
£7.99, Available from Watkins Publishing



mindfulness in motion


Dr Tamara Russell

Mindfulness in Motion

£12.99, Available from Watkins Publishing



mudras for modern life


Swami Saradananda

Mudras for Modern Life: Boost your health, re-energize your life, enhance your yoga and deepen your meditation
£12.99, Available from Watkins Publishing




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