Meet Bob Molavi, a Buddha of Our Times

Frank Ra meets Bob Molavi, the Pure Happiness Coach, and cancer survivor, who is bringing hope and loving kindness to Vancouver.

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Bob Molavi

When I started an Eckhart Tolle-inspired group in Vancouver, back in 2011, I was sure it would have attracted inspiring beings. But I could not have imagined that would have attracted Bob. When we met, he had just moved to Vancouver, and he was very happy about it. A little bit later, his life went through a rapid change. He had to have serious, life-threatening brain cancer surgery. Initially, it took some time for him to speak and remember things. But he bounced back. All along the process, he took the conscious decision to help even more people. Instead of retreating into fear, he decided to reach out even more. He was already very active in helping our local community before, he became even more active afterwards. He shared his life experience with people at the Brain Tumor Foundation, on TV, in one-to-one conversations, and in the group he started to facilitate.

Flourishing despite cancer: wisdom in action
What I admire the most in Bob: his humble, gentle but also strong awareness. He does not identify with the role of a seeker, postponing the contributions he can do for the community. He has always been active and helpful. He does not assume he knows better, he listens and always has a kind word to share. He is always grateful, even for a small gesture. Thanks to Bob, I witnessed how loving kindness transforms crowds into communities. From a crowd of people coming to meditate, or to listen to spiritual pointers, a loving community of beings, who care about each other, was born.

A trend I see in many spiritual groups is to believe that, in theory, we can all be awoken. But, in practice, that is not always the case. Because our lives get in the way. Sometimes, our ego may tell us ‘yes that is for Buddha. I’ll be one, but in many lifetimes’. I feel that, in reality, we get in the way of our own lives, procrastinating the expression of our real self. Maybe because we are not fully savouring how perfect our essence is, maybe because that gives us a convenient alibi to keep being lazy.

I don’t know what may be happening in the life of each person who is reading this. Maybe you are going through major life changes, maybe you are sailing smoothly. However, I am quite sure that, luckily, very few people are facing the challenges posed by a brain tumour. Bob was able to reinvent himself, increasing instead of limiting what he is doing for the benefit of all beings, despite the big uncertainties he had to face. Bob is the living proof that we can all fulfill our real purpose, if we want to. Real happiness, as Bob says, comes from within. Quoting him: ‘Rather than searching for what we want out there, going deeper within transcends conventional methods. It draws on our internal resources and creates space for true meaning. Going deeper within doesn’t come from working harder or following someone else’s path, but instead places complete attention on our unique purpose’.Frank Ra

Frank is the author of two bestselling books, including BioHarmonizing. He is working on his new book, inspired by Abulafia's Ecstatic Kabbalah, which will share practical ways to live our lives at our full potential, for the benefit of all beings.

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