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A Guide to The Earth Devas by Judy Hall

Earth devas are bodies of energy that flow across the planet. Crystal expert Judy Hall believes that by interacting with devas, we can learn more about the spiritual health of the planet and, with this knowledge, direct crystal earth healing to where it’s needed most.
The Earth has many beings that may be glimpsed with the psychic inner eye. These beings have an energetic body rather than a physical one. They include the devas, spiritual forces or nature spirits, who are intimately connected to the state of the planet and assist its ecological balance. For some, the most important of these devas is Mother Earth. In my new book Earth Blessings I reveal that if you get into the habit of talking to the devas they guide you to where Earth healing is most needed and show you how it can be most effective. With this learning, you can truly assist in environmental earth healing.

Mother Earth

To some people Mother Earth is the planetary deva, the head honcho of a hierarchy, rather like the head girl in a school. I prefer to think of her as Gaia, a living, breathing spirit who is divine and yet has taken on the nature of Earth. To me, she is female because that’s how I’ve always seen her when we meet, but to the ancient Egyptians “she” was Geb, the Earth god. You can make up your own mind about how you view her.

The deva of Rose Quartz painted by the author on an Earth-healing workshop.

The deva of Rose Quartz painted by the author on an Earth-healing workshop.


Understanding the devas

The word deva means “shining one” in Sanskrit. There is said to be a “hierarchy” of devas that encompasses everything from the deva who looks after your local landscape, a wood, a mountain or a pond, to an elemental or crystal deva. The planetary deva has overall responsibility for the Earth. Famously, it was the ability of Theosophist and metaphysician Dorothy Maclean (born 1920) to communicate with devas – with the intelligence of nature – that led her, along with Peter and Eileen Caddy, to found the Findhorn community in 1962. In her book To Hear the Angels Sing, Maclean wrote of her encounter with a mountain deva that described itself as “of the Earth itself” and as existing “before and after man”. The deva told Maclean that its consciousness was profoundly associated with that of the Earth and that the devas were the “great maintainers” of the planet, which functions as a living, breathing creature. However much humans change nature, they can never affect the devas, who persist for ever.

Crystal devas and oversouls

Crystals of a specific type share an overall consciousness, which could be called a deva, but I prefer “oversoul”, a term coined by a UK crystal expert, Michael Eastwood, as it encompasses dimensions other than the Earth. Talking to the crystal oversoul helps you to cooperate together, expressed through your work with an individual crystal from that particular crystal family. Many oversouls have told me how pleased they are to be able to work in harmony with humans to heal the Earth through the individual expression of their energy. They feel that this is their function and it is why parts of the overall consciousness agreed to be torn from their roots deep in the earth – and why some crystals work their way to the surface to willingly offer themselves for this work.

Elemental devas

Elemental devas are connected to the elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether. Often used in magical workings, they may appear when you undertake elemental healing. If you explain your intention, they willingly cooperate with you.

Earth devas

Earth devas (of the non-elemental kind) act like guardian spirits and may manifest as spirits of place. These devas look after specific spots on Earth. For example, forests have their own special devas, as do the mountains. Waterfalls always have a deva or two in their rainbow spray. Earth devas may show themselves to you as bright lights flitting around a site, or as a gentle touch as you pass through.

Communicating with the devas

Devas communicate through telepathy or gentle nudges. They will send signals from nature – sudden sounds, rushes of wind or ripples in water. If you are not in harmony with nature, or if you disrespect it, or if your ego is in control, you are unlikely to be able to communicate with the devas. But if you sincerely and humbly offer to assist them as they maintain the Earth, they make their presence known. Watch for subtle mental pictures, gentle scents, soft touches or orbs of light. Meditate quietly with your eyes half closed and your other senses open to make a connection. You can then intuitively converse or dowse to discover exactly what the devas are asking you to do. Notice any impulses you may have and where your feet want to take you when visiting a site. The body often picks up the signals before the mind if we are alert to them.
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