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A Simple Means to Identify your 12-Type Enneagram Essence Type

– by Matthew Campling

There are two immediate ways for identifying your own or someone else’s type. The first is observation. Once you are familiar with the manifestations of the various type energies, you may instantly be able to recognise one of the types. But sometimes identification is hampered by the natural result of the population not actually knowing about the different essence types. My teacher is very interesting on the subject of, say, Lunar types who are lost beneath a avalanche of Mercury and Mars type behaviours. We call this ‘operating out of type’ and since people will have been doing this all their lives, it can make identification difficult. This will also be the case with hybrid types.

So the second way is asking exactly the right question. The six main types are divided into three lots of two principal operating centres (the six hybrid types, those individuals who have the influence of two consecutive main energies are different from those six main types but we can still recognise the two energies).

The three operating centres are:
Thinking (intellectual)
Feeling (emotional)
Moving (doing).

The types on the right side are ‘personal’, ‘younger’: The types on the left side are ‘non-personal’, ‘older’. Personal people take in the world in terms of what it means to them. Non-personal people look to the outside world, they consider themselves to a much lesser extent.

So first ask someone if they think their principal way of operating is Thinking, Feeling or Doing. You will be surprised how quickly someone is able to identify something they have never hitherto considered. If the person is a hybrid they will have two of the three operating centres. I’ll tell you what to do here in a moment. For now, let’s say that someone says they are ‘thinking/personal’- then we know they are a Lunar type, that the thinking is intuitive rather than profound, logical questioning.

So the full list is:

Thinking – Lunar type
Feeling – Venus type
Moving – Mercury type

Thinking – Saturn type
Moving – Mars type
Feeling – Jupiter type.

When someone is a hybrid:

Thinking/Feeling – Lunar-Venus type
Feeling/Moving – Venus-Mercury type
Moving-Thinking – Mercury-Saturn type

Thinking-Doing – Saturn-Mars type
Doing-Feeling – Mars-Jupiter type
Feeling-Thinking – Jupiter-Lunar type

What is continually fascinating to me is how quickly we can make sense of someone’s seemingly opaque type. For example, someone I have known for many years. She is involved in the world of finance, buys properties and rents them out. Yet I’ve always been puzzled by how she doesn’’t fall into the expected categories of Mercury or Mars type. So I asked her which of the three operating centres she most responded to as true of herself: Personal emotional. In other words, buried beneath the numbers and the seeming organisation is a Venus type. The moment I mentioned using the system to ‘influence/manipulate’ her eyes lit up: definitely Venus type.

Or someone else, who is the head of their family. He holds down a responsible job. He is concerned about the welfare of his employees. All these point to Saturn, Mars or Jupiter type. But when we went through the centres question, he immediately identified himself as a Lunar type. And subsequent deeper discussions have confirmed this absolutely.

About the Author: Matthew Campling (MA Psych, BA Hons Cllg) is an accredited psychotherapist who has run a private therapy practice for nearly 20 years. He has facilitated workshops matthewaround the country. He is the only person qualified to present the 12-Type Enneagram in the UK. Matthew is the author of two health-related books, Eating Disorder Self-Cure and Therapeutic Weight Loss, and has had seven plays produced. He has written articles for GQ magazine, The Independent and Therapy Today. He was a regular guest expert on ITV’s Trisha and is a popular media spokesperson for magazines and newspapers, radio and television.
Find out more on Matthew Campling’s website-  www.12egram.com, and on the various YouTube videos.
If you have any comments or questions you can contact him at campling.m@gmail.com.



Matthew Campling
The 12-Type Enneagram
ISBN: 9781780288185



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