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A Time for New Beginnings

We are in the beginning of a new year and Barbara Meiklejohn-Free reminds us of the hopes and dreams of this special moment, a good time to consider where we are in life and where we are going.

When looking at the future we usually fill the blank, ‘unknown’ with our hopes and desires (if we are feeling optimistic in that moment). But sometimes we can only see a dark cloud and project into it our fears and continued disappointments. What may be helpful, right at this time, is the understanding that although we cannot be 100% certain of what awaits; what challenges are ahead or the rewards, we do have a say in understanding ourselves, being sure that we are walking into the unknown totally aware of who we are, what we are capable of and how we are likely to react. This is the ‘Way of the Butterfly’ and it is the greatest gift you can bestow on yourself.


Our wisdom teachings have been suppressed and almost forgotten, replaced largely with the ‘logical’ teachings. What will help you most in life, in your understanding of who you are and why you do and say the things you do, is to see your soul as the ‘Butterfly’ (the final phase). It begins with the egg, being rebirthed by Butterfly. The egg is a new incarnation of ‘you’ with little memory of your past lives, your connection to Source, your true energetic or spiritual heritage. Here you are at you most innocent, vulnerable and dependent on others. For some this signifies early childhood, but for others this phase can last much, much longer, well into adulthood. This is followed by the caterpillar, the second phase. Eating voraciously, searching for knowledge and readying itself for the change about to take place. Most people who have an interest in discovering the meaning of life itself will spend a great deal of their time alive in this phase, some never progressing further, always searching… The third stage is the chrysalis, the place of stillness and chaos where breaking through requires preparation and time. A struggle takes place as the ‘mind chaos’ and the ‘heart stillness’ decides the soul’s transformation knowing that change is inevitable whatever the outcome. This is synonymous with ‘spiritual awareness’ or ‘enlightenment’.

Again some people will stay in this phase never knowing what to ‘do’ with this knowledge or how to integrate it into everyday life. But you can make transform to the final phase – the Butterfly, flying free from all limitations of the world, returning in form as the soul’s knowing. This is about discovering who you are, ‘warts and all‘, coming to terms with that and whilst maintaining your integrity applying common or communal sense to do what is most productive for the greater good and our planet. It is about understanding how ‘life’ operates and working with the patterns and cycles of life rather than trying to control or change them. Most of all when you are wise to all that exists beyond our physical, not letting it frustrate you, rather smiling at its wonder and embracing the real treasures that you can finally see in everything.

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