An Exercise in Future Visioning

Networking can be intimidating, but for many, it’s an essential part of your working life. So how do you learn to do it well? Today, we’re sharing an exercise from Anne Jirsch’s new book, Future Vision Your Working Life (available 14th April), which should help you feel more confident the next time someone says those dreaded words: “let’s take a break for some networking time”!

For this exercise I want you to sit back and allow your mind to free-flow.

Imagine you are on your way to a significant networking event. Be aware of how you are travelling. Maybe you are driving, or going by train or taxi. Notice how you feel: Are you nervous? Excited? Take a few moments to experience your journey to the networking event.

You arrive outside a beautiful hotel. There is a sign announcing the event. You are surprised to see that the date is exactly one year from your present time.

You make your way up the stairs and into the room where the event is taking place. A few people have already arrived. Take a few moments to look around the room and get a sense of who is there. Perhaps there is someone you have always wanted to meet. Or perhaps someone you already know. Maybe they are all new faces. Whatever the case, just know that this is a room of people you need to be networking with. But, for now, you are simply an observer, taking in the atmosphere and watching as people arrive and connect with each other.

Observe those people: some may be chatting, others might be standing on the sidelines. Does anyone appear nervous? Does anyone strike you as especially confident? Spend a few moments opening up (expanding upon in the Connecting with Other People’s Thought Processes segment in the book), and see if you can get a sense of how they feel and what they want to achieve.

As you take in the atmosphere and observe the participants, suddenly the door opens and someone new arrives. You are astonished to see it is actually you – the Future You. You are watching the future master networker. You walk in through the door, ready to connect and work your magic.

Watch the Future You and observe how you walk, what you do, how you make eye contact and connect with people. Feel free to float over and listen to your conversations. Notice what the Future You is wearing – even how you stand (stance is important).

Notice how people react to the Future You. Spend a few moments watching yourself interacting – the master networker Future You in action.

Now walk up to the Future You, step into the Future You and take some time to connect with the Future You. Be aware of how easy and natural it feels. Be aware of how you are selecting and talking to key people. Feel what it feels like to be a master networker.

Now keep that feeling and that ability, and bring it back with you to your present time. Any time you wish, you can now access that feeling and those skills of the master networker Future You.

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Anne Jirsch is an international speaker, coach and intuitive, and the pioneer of Future Life Progression (FLP).

Just imagine if you had something that gave you the edge, that steered you in the right direction, filtering out erroneous information, leaving you to focus fully on exactly what you need to know. Future Vision Your Working Life is a unique tool that will allow you to anticipate the way forward in your career or business, but also help you to thrive and enjoy the journey. 

Future Vision Your Working Life is available from 14th April, 2020.