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Angel Healing with Archangel Raphael

by Chrissie Astell in Discovering Angels

It is said that we are all capable of healing ourselves and others. Invite Archangel Raphael to use you as a channel for healing, and see your potential for positive change. Below is an exercise for you to channel angel healing to help others.

There are many ways in which you can act as a channel for angel healing in the world. You might choose to join with others of like mind to send out prayers for the whole of humanity at a certain time of day. Perhaps you wish Archangel Raphael to be present as you send absent healing to others. When you are with someone who needs healing, you can place your hands on their head or shoulders, or wherever they are feeling pain. Simply open your heart to receive the healing energy of the angels and let it flow to the person you are touching.

You can also ask Raphael to heal your own pain, especially the emotional pain of broken relationships. Sit quietly and imagine a healing green light around you; absorb it through your whole body, especially into any areas of pain – whether in your body, or in your thoughts and emotions. Visualize angels passing over you and drawing the pain out of you with their hands.
Channeling Healing Energy with Archangel Raphael [2]

Heal Others with Archangel Raphael in 7 Steps

The following exercise is a method for channelling angel healing other people (though it can easily be adapted to be directed at healing yourself). Those you want to heal can be physically present with you, but this is not essential because the exercise is about channelling waves of healing energy and does not involve physical contact. As one “holds” the healing energy it is not uncommon to receive messages for the recipient. You may wish to share these at some point afterwards as they could be of great significance. Relate any messages as accurately as possible, without personal comment or advice – you are just the channel.

There is no set duration for this exercise, and it should last no more than 20 minutes. You will learn to sense when the session is over.

1. Sit comfortably in your meditational space and breathe slowly and deeply to release any tension held in your body, particularly in your neck, shoulders and hands.

2. Empty your mind of your own pre-occupations and focus on the needs of the person you wish to heal. Visualize the person in your mind if it helps.

3. Send a prayer in your own words to the Divine Source of all love and the master of healing. Ask that you may receive the grace to be used as a channel of healing energy, and that this energy may flow through you with love to the person who is sick or in pain.

4. Invite Raphael to draw near you – imagine that you can feel his presence. Visualize the colour green all around you as a beautiful healing light, balancing and harmonizing thoughts, words, and actions between you, the recipient, and Raphael.

5. Remain relaxed but focused. Open your heart so that it can give love unconditionally to the recipient. Visualize bright green light channelled through the crown of your head, flowing down through your heart and your hands and out to the one who needs healing, wherever they may be.

6. Observe silently any pictures, feelings or sensations that come into your mind. You may sense in your own body where the other person’s pain is held. Remain silent and simply receive the healing energy channelling through you, allowing it to flow freely. Finish when you feel ready.

7. Thank Raphael and the angels of healing at the end of the session for their assistance.
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