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Attitudes, Values and Meaning

This extract is from the book of Dr. Gary Wood’s called Unlock Your Confidence: Find The Keys To Lasting Change Through The Confidence Karma Method

Assumptions about Human Nature
Social psychologist Lawrence Wrightsman has conducted extensive research into attitudes about human nature and has highlighted several factors by which we judge the social world. Other commentators on his research have argued that the ‘self-accepting’ person tends to view the world as a friendlier place than does the self-rejecting person. So consider the following items and circle your responses:

• Agree or disagree? Most people are basically honest and trustworthy.

• Agree or disagree? Most people are basically altruistic and try to help others.

• Agree or disagree? Most people have a lot of control over their lives.

• Agree or disagree? Most people have a good idea of their strengths and weaknesses.

• Agree or disagree? Most people will speak out for what they believe in.

• Agree or disagree? You can’t accurately describe a person in a few words.

• Agree or disagree? People’s reactions differ from situation to situation.

Do your responses make for a safe and friendly world or an unsafe and hostile one? How do these attitudes shape your social interactions, especially in relation to confidence building? Which of these attitudes are most likely to act as an obstruction to your personal development? Explore exceptions to this attitude and reconsider this obstruction. The bottom-line question is: do these attitudes express your values and maximize positive opportunities for you? How do these attitudes affect your self-image, self-esteem and self-efficacy? Do they support your long-term goals?


Unlock Your Confidence


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