Author: Leah Russell


How to Suffer: The FAQs

Self-made millionaire William Arntz's latest book How to Suffer... in 10 Easy Steps (Watkins Publishing, 2019) reveals the things we all do to create earthly angst and misery (no matter how much money we make or how amazing our love life is). Set forth with…
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Watkins New Titles: November 2019

We've got a great range of new books for you this November, plus our latest deck, the Mudras for Modern Living deck by Swami Saradananda. We'll also be adding three new titles to our fictionalised Conversations With series in the form of Galileo, Charles Dickens…

Watkins New Titles: September 2019

The summer's flown by and we've landed in September with a bump once again. If you're anything like us you've probably been taking it easy for the past few months, but with the children back at school and hazy holiday bliss starting to feel more…

Cancer: A Worst-Case Scenario?

This guest post was written by Judy Erel, who utilised mindset, meditation and the power of transformational art to cope with a diagnosis of incurable cancer in 2007. Judy has shared her personal story, as well as the practical tools and mechanisms that guided her…

Watkins New Titles: August 2019

We're publishing a fantastic range of new titles this month at Watkins Publishing, including never-before published materials from one of the world's greatest spiritual teachers, Jiddu Krishnamurti. Can The Mind Be Quiet? consists of 60 previously unpublished chapters detailing Krishnamurti's real encounters in the 1960s…
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Watkins New Titles: July 2019

We've passed the summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere and though it may have taken a while, summer has definitely started to fire up! With heat, holidays and humidity to contend with, why not relax and unwind with some meditative reads? If you like to…
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