Author: Leah Russell


The Living Wisdom of Trees: An Introduction to Acacia

Acacia The Acacia tree Latin name: Acacia Symbolism: Sensitivity and protectionDivine Association: Osiris (ancient Egyptian)Astrological Associations: Sun, PlutoHistorical Spotlight: When travelling through Patagonia (southern Chile and Argentina) in 1833, Charles Darwin came upon a sacred tree between the Rio Negro and the Rio Colorado. The…
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The Blind Spot Oracle

by Teal Swan What are you not seeing? A blind spot is an area where a person’s view is obstructed. We have these blind spots not only in our vision, but also in our awareness – which vision is only one small part of. We…

Q&A with Joe Barnes

It's time for another Q&A session to introduce a new Watkins author to the world, and today we're speaking to Joe Barnes, whose first Watkins title Do The Work You Love is released on February 11th, 2020.Some books explain how to discover a passion, or…

Q&A with Rhyanna Watson

New author alert! We're incredibly proud and excited that next week we'll be publishing Brave, Beautiful and Baring It All, the first title from social media sensation Rhyanna Watson. In this empowering book Rhyanna – who has come out the other side of a lot…

Watkins Publishing: 2020 Events

The year's flown by, and we're already busily preparing for another packed year of events in 2020. In addition to the events, workshops, talks and festivals across the country where you'll be able to find our authors (keep your eyes on social media for announcements!)…
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How to Be a Business-Like Artist

Most productivity advice you'll find in the soft business section simply does not work for creative people. But does that mean that as a creative, you're on a completely different path to the traditional businessperson? As the bestselling author of Banish Clutter Forever and new…