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Richard Jacobs
Personal Development

What Is Purpose?

Richard Jacobs, author of 7 Questions To Find Your Purpose, answers some questions on Purpose, career and his book. This is an extract taken from a Facebook Live event with the author. Find the full talk on our Facebook page. […] For me, there are…
Conscious Living

A Divine Friendship

In 1244 Islam’s most celebrated poet and mystic, Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, met a man who would change his life. James Cowan’s book Warriors of Love interprets the influence that Shams of Tabriz had over Rumi, his poetry, and his love for God. The following excerpt…
how to manage time better

Video: Paul Loomans on Time Surfing

Paul Loomans is the author of Time Surfing: The Zen Approach to Keeping Time on Your Side, available from September. The book will inspire and guide you to choose peace as a basis for carrying out all your daily activities, whether at work or in…
secrets of water

Ancient Mysteries of Water

There is no more important substance on earth than water: it is the source of life, one of the four classic elements and makes up over 70% of our bodies and our planet. Dr. Paolo Consigli's book The Hidden Secret of Water allows us to…
Lady Sovereignty

Remembering Lady Sovereignty

Danu Forest on connecting with Lady Sovereignty and earth awareness in changing times. We live in changing times, when it’s easy to feel cast adrift of uncertain seas, or held at the mercy of events outside our control. At such times as these, it can…
what is post traumatic growth
Personal Development

What is Post-traumatic Growth?

Miriam Akhtar introduces What Is Post-Traumatic Growth?, the fifth title in a new series of fresh, accessible mind, body, spirit guides, explores the ground-breaking concept of post-traumatic growth. Out in May 2017. It’s not as familiar as PTSD but it’s just as likely to come…