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Watkins Wisdom: Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight is the author of God's Blueprint, co-author of The Hiram Key, The Hiram Key Revisited, Solomon’s Power Brokers, Who Built The Moon?, Civilisation One and many more. He runs a marketing company in Yorkshire, and travels the world giving lectures. He is a…

10 Steps to a Balanced Digestive System

Translated from Sanskrit as ‘science of life’, Ayurveda is India’s oldest approach to wellbeing. Its principles, still practiced worldwide, advise on treatments and food diets, suggesting practical exercises to tune into and rebalance the body’s biological rhythms. This fascinating ancient science and the deeper understanding…

Watkins Wisdom: Catherine Blackledge

Dr Catherine Blackledge is a writer whose career and interests span the worlds of science and the occult.  The Man Who Saw the Future tells the true story of England’s greatest ever astrologer William Lilly: how his celestial forecasts changed the course of the English Civil War, and the…