Author: Vicky Hartley


Explore Karnak’s Sacred Energy

If you ever felt drawn by the energy of certain sacred sites, this oracle cards is for you. Author Barbara Meiklejohn‐Free invites you to explore Karnak, one of the 52 sacred sites featured in Sacred Sites Oracle Cards, a unique oracle, beautifully illustrated by Yuri Leitch,…

The Path of the Mystic

    When everything false in you dies, what remains is the truth of love. -Amoda Maa   The path of the Mystic is beyond words.    It is a fall into the Heart of Darkness in which the self is sacrificed over and over again.   The…
Personal Development

The BIG Move

- by Maggie La Tourelle The Dreaded Question Should we put Mum into a care home? Despite good care in the community and some additional private care at home, after a couple of years things with Mum were becoming unmanageable. The crunch came when on…