Behind the Scenes at Wilderness: Tom Fortes Mayer


We had a chat with Tom Fortes Mayer, author of The Freemind Experience following his experience at Wilderness festival 2015, which took place at Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire on August 6-9. At Wilderness Tom run a workshop and led visitors to discover how to apply simple techniques to effect transformation using music and sound.

What did appeal to you about it as a festival?Tom
Wilderness has really got the balance right. It feels very much like a family festival and yet it has a cheeky underbelly that has plenty of playfulness and naughtiness to satisfy even the most devoted hedonist. In the same way it has some fantastic personal development workshops mixed in with just the right amount of comedy, sports-day style antics. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and yet it still delivers for mind, body and soul. I was also stunned by the incredible natural beauty of the setting. Plus, the styling and quality of the structures, stages and stalls were perfect. It all hung together beautifully. Wilderness exudes a very confident air of charm and charisma.

How did taking part in the Wilderness Festival inspire you? Did the festival meet your expectations?
The festival totally exceeded my expectations. The people that came to my workshop were really willing to participate fully. They were ready to dive in and have a powerful experience. Their hearts and minds were already open. That is a real testament to the general vibe the festival had created. That made for a magical experience.

Your workshop ‘The Magic of Music’ explored how music can be used to directly deepen your connection to your inner wisdom and how this powerful technique sits at the centre of the FreeMind Process. Can you briefly describe your workshop?
Essentially I have discovered through working with hypnosis clients for over 15 years that when someone meditates or uses self-hypnosis it is possible to harness the power of music to deepen the experience and it can also be used to access greater levels of awareness and wisdom. It is very simple. My workshop gave people a chance to experience this directly. You get into a relaxed meditative state and you tell yourself that the next piece of music you are going to listen to is going to…. (here you can add any intention you want). It could be the music will be the sound of you forgiving someone you need to forgive or it could be the soundtrack to a visualisation of you letting go of a behaviour that is no longer serving you. Or you could set the intention that the music is the sound of your heart opening or you could imagine it is the feeling of gratitude spreading throughout your whole body. Then you simply listen to a beautiful or moving piece of music and the unconscious then translates every note into a healing musical metaphor. In a very simple way this invokes a waking dream state and people start to visualise, get insights, get resolution and generally feel very differently.

What do you think visitors got out of coming along to your talk?
In my workshop lots of people were getting some profound breakthroughs. We had tears, laughter and one person got a really great insight about something that needed to be added to the film they are bringing out. In the main though, they all walked away with two very important things. 1. They have a powerful technique that can help them manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and 2. They were confirmed in the incredibly important understanding that everything they need is inside them. They are packed full of wisdom and they can solve their own challenges and bring out their very best themselves.

What does being a wisdom teacher mean to you? What did inspire you to take this path?
What inspired me to take this path was one massive epiphany where my whole life was transformed in an instant. In that moment I felt all things were connected and I could see that all suffering was born out of fear and all joy and freedom is born out of love. From that moment in the year 2000 all I have wanted to do is to spread this simple wisdom, simply understanding that if all things are connected we are all in this together. My happiness, love and freedom is intrinsically linked with yours. My favourite wisdom teachers do what they do because it brings them joy to share joy and because they feel the suffering of others as their own suffering. Not in some compassionate, associated and sympathetic way, but with a deeply lived understanding that we are a singular consciousness experiencing everything together. Bringing more happiness, love and freedom to others is the best way I know of bringing happiness, love and freedom to myself.  That is why I do what I do.

What is your relationship with Nick? In which way do you work together?
Nick is an old friend of mine and for a few years we worked in business together. During that time we had rounds and rounds of debates, discussions and disagreements over how to understand and apply ancient wisdom with modern day, rapid change personal and professional development techniques. For years we looked at the simplest ways to make these fascinating and yet at times complex ideas and techniques approachable, fun and inspiring for everyday life. I cherish those years as they really helped me get total clarity about who I am and what I believe. He is a great guy with a huge heart and an incredible brain.

Have any other workshops or events especially caught your eye?
So many!! However I was lucky enough to catch Skip Archimedes workshop on Eternal Youth and I found that fascinating. His personal story is incredible and I found him very inspiring. Having been told he would never walk again he managed to fix his own back and return to gymnastics and become the British gymnastic champion. His passion for optimal health and the power of the mind is contagious!


Tom Fortes Mayer
The Freemind Experience
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