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Top Ten Terms: Sales in Publishing

We've asked our sales department about ten terms they wish they'd known when they started in publishing.

A Peek into Publishing: Design with Kieryn Tyler

We've asked Kieryn to answer questions about her publishing job in the design department!

A Peek into Publishing: Marketing with Rachel Gladman

We've asked Rachel to answer questions about her publishing job in the marketing and publicity department!

A Peek into Publishing: Sales with Craig Chmarny

We've asked Craig to answer questions about his publishing job in the sales department!

Celebrate Earth Day the Watkins Way

In honour of Earth Day on 22nd April, we’re sharing some fun activities recommended by Watkins authors that can help you make a positive impact on the environment and reconnect with nature. A Year of Forest School by Jane Worroll and Peter Houghton 1. Make…

Meet Your Feet

By Yamuna Zake In honour of National Feet Week, we are sharing an extract from The Foot Fix by Yamuna Zake. In this chapter titled 'Meet Your Feet', Yamuna asks us to take a closer look at our feet and the way we walk. At…

Extract: Living and Loving in the Age of AIDS by Derek Frost

In honour of LGBTQ History Month, we are sharing an extract from Living and Loving in the Age of AIDS, the moving memoir from co-creator of London’s iconic Heaven Nightclub, Derek Frost.   Living and Loving in the Age of AIDS is the tale of…

Talking About Therapy With Your Partner

By Karin Blak The prospect of talking with our partner about therapy can leave us feeling exposed and vulnerable: admitting to needing psychological or emotional help can evoke anxieties of being seen as weak or letting our partner down in some way. We can worry…

Having a Support Network Outside of Therapy

By Karin Blak There is no doubt that therapy can be challenging, and we will at times need support and comfort outside of therapy. Trusted friends, family members, or our partner are often the ones we turn to for emotional support or physical comfort in…

Read to Succeed: Watkins’ top picks for Expect Success Month

Did you know that February is ‘Expect Success Month’?Expect Success Month is a time to focus on the most powerful secrets and techniques for creating the life of your dreams, but some of us may need a little help knowing where to start. Here are Watkins’…