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Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?

Are you often told to stop taking things to heart or to toughen up? Do you over analyze things and get 'stuck in your own head'? Or become easily overwhelmed by environmental stimuli and frequently need to withdraw? If the answer is yes, you are probably a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Finding Your Happy With A Hobby

This is an excerpt from Dani DiPirro's Everyday Optimism, the inspirational handbook for living in the moment available now. Throughout my life I’ve had one hobby or another – from making collages and music mixes to reading, illustrating, designing and Instagramming. Having a hobby (even…

Supporting Your Immune System

A healthy immune system helps to keep us in a state of balance, homeostasis.  It can recognise unhelpful organisms, respond, mop-up and return us to good health.  The more stressed, malnourished and challenged it is or if there is underlying disease, the harder the immune…

Why Make Your Own Cleaning Products?

The Natural Way to Clean by Dr Penny Stanway was published on 14th April and today we're taking a look inside at Dr Penny's top reasons for choosing to make products at home rather than buying them at the supermarket.

Weekend Colouring: Download a Peaceful Nature Scene

As lockdown continues, we’re sharing a downloadable colouring page each weekend to help you find some peace and quiet.

Emotional Freedom During a Crisis

Emotional First Aid by Michael James offers instant emotional self-soothing practices to help you cope with uncertainty and anxiety in stressful situations. Read on for an excerpt from the book.

Take Control and Relax with This Is For You

Are you are feeling frazzled from a busy work schedule? Overwhelmed by current events and the endless news cycle? Frustrated and stuck in a rut, or simply spinning too many plates at once? Then This is for You.  This creative toolkit takes you through 100…

Weekend Colouring: Free Downloadable Page

In this unsettling time, we're sharing a downloadable colouring page each weekend to help you find some peace and quiet. Taken from 'Colouring for Contemplation', which is available now, today's page offers soothing repeated patterns to ease you into a more restful state of mind.…

Herbal Support for the Respiratory System

The Seed Sistas, authors of The Sensory Herbal Handbook, have over 20 years of clinical and teaching experience of utilising the medicinal qualities of herbs. Today we're sharing a sneak peak from the book, to see which herbs can support your respiratory systems. After birth,…

Free Download: Colour for Contemplation

We're a little later than planned this week, but to help you slow down, breathe and find some moments of calm in this disruptive time, each Sunday for the next few weeks we’re going to be sharing a free colouring page for you to download. …