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Excerpt: Finding Peace in Difficult Times

Finding Peace in Difficult Times by Divya Kohli. Available now in ebook format, exclusively on the Watkins Publishing website (£4.99).

Excerpt: 21 Rituals to Connect with Nature

An excerpt taken from the May 2020 title 21 Rituals to Connect with Nature, written by Theresa Cheung, Alexandra Wenman and Krysia Newman.

Free Printable Colouring Page

With self-care still a vital part of life at the moment, we’re sharing a downloadable colouring page each weekend to help you find some peace and quiet.

Watkins New Titles: May 2020

21 Rituals to Connect with Nature by Theresa Cheung, published 12th May, £10.99 Following on from the success of Theresa Cheung's previous 21 Ritual series comes a nature-based daily practice book. It contains 21 simple, easy daily rituals to help you tune into the natural world around…

Retreat Into Vulnerability and Love

This post has been extracted from Gemma Polo Pujol's There Is Light and Only Light, available now. A retreat situation is a great place for vulnerability, a place to become transparent, to be touched by things, all these things that we don’t usually allow. We…

Colouring for a Peaceful Sunday

As lockdown continues, we're sharing a downloadable colouring page each weekend to help you find some peace and quiet.

Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?

Are you often told to stop taking things to heart or to toughen up? Do you over analyze things and get 'stuck in your own head'? Or become easily overwhelmed by environmental stimuli and frequently need to withdraw? If the answer is yes, you are probably a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Finding Your Happy With A Hobby

This is an excerpt from Dani DiPirro's Everyday Optimism, the inspirational handbook for living in the moment available now. Throughout my life I’ve had one hobby or another – from making collages and music mixes to reading, illustrating, designing and Instagramming. Having a hobby (even…

Supporting Your Immune System

A healthy immune system helps to keep us in a state of balance, homeostasis.  It can recognise unhelpful organisms, respond, mop-up and return us to good health.  The more stressed, malnourished and challenged it is or if there is underlying disease, the harder the immune…

Why Make Your Own Cleaning Products?

The Natural Way to Clean by Dr Penny Stanway was published on 14th April and today we're taking a look inside at Dr Penny's top reasons for choosing to make products at home rather than buying them at the supermarket.