Books for Self-Compassion

Self-compassion is extending positive feelings of genuine kindness toward oneself, feelings of self-directed warmth, acceptance, patience, and forgiveness. Self-compassion is a self-care practice we must partake in, with this post we are celebrating the Watkins titles that can help you get there, whenever you need them.

There is Light and Only Light, Gemma Polo Pujol

The world can be perplexing and painful much of the time. These deep and wise teachings offer constructive guidance towards an optimistic and fulfilling life. 

This first book by insight meditation teacher and workshop leader Gemma Polo Pujol is full of profoundly transformative teachings to illuminate your inner journey.

Available to purchase here, in multiple formats.

Finding Peace in Difficult Times, Divya Kohli

The guide to feeling grounded and safe during times of challenge. A gentle yet powerful toolkit for support during stressful periods, such as illness or bereavement, financial worries or simply feeling burnt out.

 Finding Peace in Difficult Times meets the widespread and growing need in our busy modern lives for strategies to manage attention and to be able to live life on your own terms. The ebook shows how we can create deep reserves of resilience for the challenging times we are currently in. 

Available here in ebook format only.

Emotional First Aid, Michael James

A guide to feeling better when you are scared, insecure, anxious, resentful, jealous, lonely, irritated or depressed. These meditative practices to find emotional freedom offer instant help in even the worst crisis, including the current one.

Available in multiple formats.

365 Ways to Live a Buddhist Life

A beautiful collection of quotations, insights and short tales which form an attractive introduction to Buddhism in all its richness and variety. Great for the newcomer and a multifaceted pick-me-up for the more experienced practitioner. 

Available here in multiple formats.