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Coffee, Cake and Colouring at Watkins

by Gemma Creffield

In celebration of Colouring for Contemplation by Alex Ogg and Amber Hatch being released this week on 19th November 2015, the team at Watkins Publishing decided to host a ‘Colouring, Coffee and Cake’ morning in our Angel offices.

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Everybody picked up their pens and pencils, sat down in some comfy chairs, grabbed themselves a sweet treat and settled down to colour.

image 2Colouring has been known to be a calming activity, and within minutes of settling down, every ‘colourer’ at Watkins said that they did in fact feel a sense of calm wash over them as their minds were allowed to drift freely, leaving the worries of emails and to-do lists far behind.

Every blade in the field – every leaf in the forest – lays down its life in its season as beautifully as it was taken up.
Henry David Thoreau, American writer and philosopher, 1817 – 1862

What is great about Colouring for Contemplation is that each piece of art work is coupled with an inspirational quote, designed so that as you colour and your mind is allowed to wonder, you can think about the quote in front of you allowing you to access a more mindful state.

These are some of the pieces that our team created. We couldn’t spend too long colouring them, unfortunately – after all, we were supposed to be working! But everyone was able to start their days in much more calm and mindful state.

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Why not set up your own ‘Colouring Morning’ in your office or school? (With permission, of course!) Let us know how it all goes!

Download 3 Free Colouring Pages from Colouring for Contemplation!

ColouringForContemplation_UK_MiniJ-300x290Amber Hatch
Colouring for Contemplation
£6.99, Available on Watkins Publishing
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