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Conversation with Antony Cummins, author of The Book of Samurai

Listen to this podcast with Antony Cummins author of The Book of Samurai. Follow Watkins Media on SoundCloud and listen to the latest interviews and talks.

Antony Cummins is an author, artist and historian. Antony also works as a consultant and co-presenter on produce high-end documentaries on Japan that are distributed by National Geographic. He has been recognized by peers as a leading expert in the discovery of military arts of medieval Japan. He currently lives between England and Japan. He has written many books on the ways of the samurai and ninja and his latest book is The Book of Samurai (published by Watkins) which he co-wrote with Yoshie Minami. This book presents the lost arts of the Samurai in the English language for the first time.

In this podcast listen to Antony speak about:
*The code of ethics that bound the Samurai in war and peace.
*The five foundations, namely the way, virtue, benevolence, righteousness, and courtesy.
*The notion of virtue and duty among the Samurai and how it differed from our Western military notions of honour.
*How the Samurai were essentially a head hunting culture.

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