Crown Chakra meditation to connect with Divine Light

Today, the focus is on the highest of the chakras – the crown chakra. Swami Saradananda, author of The Essential Guide to Chakras, describes a beautiful meditation on Divine Light, that will fill you with a sense of liberation, completeness and spiritual connection.

What is the Crown Chakra?

meditation-for-the-crown-chakraThe sahasrara or crown chakra is your gateway to infinite consciousness. It is through this chakra that you are able to connect with and experience the blissful state of Absolute Knowledge that yogis call “satchidananda”. This is beyond the realm of your individual awareness, which is known as the “chitta”. The sahasrara provides the energetic connection by which you are able to transcend your mundane sense of duality, that is your experience of yourself and other, subject and object, masculine and feminine. It provides the metaphysical framework for your life. The sahasrara chakra is at the top end of the central meridian (sushumna nadi), where the other two major meridians (ida and pingala – ordinary consciousness) do not reach.

Working with the energy of your crown chakra brings you intuitive knowledge, deeper understanding, strong spiritual links and an enhanced sense of wonder. It enables you to connect with other planes of existence and to discover divine “mysteries”.

The crown chakra is your energetic passageway from mundane consciousness to the experience of your Higher Self. It is your connection to the Divine, to the collective unconscious and to absolute freedom. It is your gateway to immortality. Working with your crown chakra gives you the experience of completeness.

People who can access the energy of the crown chakra at will are often perceived as miracle workers. This is because they seem to be divinely guided and able to transcend the laws of nature.

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What are the benefits of the Crown Chakra?


  • Intuitive knowledge
  • Deeper understanding
  • Strong spiritual links
  • Enhanced sense of wonder
  • Discovery of divine “mysteries”
  • Experience of your Higher Self
  • Connection to the Divine
  • Experience of completeness


Imbalances in the Crown Chakra

If the energy of your sahasrara is blocked or unbalanced, it is likely that you will find your mind going in one direction, your heart in another and your body in yet a third. A misaligned crown chakra may cause you to be excessively self-centred because you are unable to see the interconnectedness of life. You may be a low-energy person or your energy may circulate only in the lower chakras, directed toward totally materialistic and sensual pursuits. Your life may seem to be lacking in spiritual richness. You may not believe that anything exists beyond what can be perceived with your senses or understood with your mind. Or you may suffer from a poor perception of reality or find it difficult to “connect” in general.

In your physical body, extreme blockages may result in paralysis or multi-system diseases that affect both muscles and nerves, such as multiple sclerosis or Lou Gehrig disease (ALS). Many genetic disorders seem to be karmically linked to sahasrara blockages. Without balancing the energy of the sahasrara chakra you will be unable to reach the superconscious state that the yogis refer to as “samadhi”.

What to look for

Scepticism, extreme materialistic mentality, overindulgence in sensual pleasures – or totally denying yourself any enjoyment. You may distrust life in general or be prone to depression. You may have difficulty accepting the premises of religious and spiritual thought, humanitarianism and the concept of selflessness. Perhaps you have feelings of being scattered and lack inspiration or higher goals in life.

When your crown chakra is blocked or unbalanced, people who are sensitive to energetic values will notice that a dark, muddy colour taints your entire aura. They may experience a tingling or prickling sensation in their crown chakra when in contact with you.


Crown chakra meditation: on Divine Light

Meditation on your sahasrara chakra gives you a feeling of liberation, completeness and spiritual connection. This experience is expressed as fullness (poorna) or the Absolute (Brahman) by yogis. It is the vision of the void (shunya) that is described in Buddhist philosophy.

1. Sit in your chosen meditation position, making sure that your spine is straight. Bring your hands together in your lap with the palms upward; have your left hand on top. This is the mudra of receiving energy. Close your eyes; make your breathing slow and even. Focus your attention on the crown of your head.

meditation-on-the-crown-chakra2. Visualize a bright white light flowing in through your crown chakra. Feel Divine Light spiralling down through your body. Enjoy the warm glow of the Light as it saturates your entire being. Every cell of your physical body is being permeated by the Light and Divine Inspiration. All levels of your mind and consciousness are illumined by Divine Light.

3. You may choose to repeat the following affirmations, or create similar ones that are more meaningful to you:

  • “I am surrounded and protected by Divine Light.”
  • “This Light sustains and nourishes my entire being.”
  • “I am ever walking in the Light.”
  • “I feel myself growing stronger as I tune to the Light.”

4. Sit silently for at least 15–20 minutes, allowing yourself to be at one with the Light. The Divine Light is a manifestation of your Higher Self. It is a representation of the peace that is beyond all rational understanding. Feel that you are a pure channel for the Light. In this state of Oneness, intuitive thoughts and inspirations may enter your consciousness. Be thankful for this guidance.

5. You may also choose to think of someone you know who is in need of Divine Light. Repeat the exercise by visualizing that person as being bathed in Light. The Light is entering through the top of his/her head and spiralling downward, just as it did into your body. Repeat the affirmations, using the person’s name:

  • [Insert name] is surrounded and protected by Divine Light.
  • This Light sustains and nourishes [insert name]’s entire being.
  • [Insert name] is ever walking in the Light.
  • May [insert name] ever grow strong by tuning to the Light.

6. Before you stand up, give thanks that you are able to share the Light. Then take a few deep breaths before you open your eyes.

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