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How Does Crystal Earth Healing Work? with Judy Hall

a guide to how crystals can help heal the world 
Do you yearn to help heal the world? Earth is undergoing dramatic changes for the worse, but there is something you can do – crystal earth healing. By channeling the healing energy of crystals, we can help make a positive change in the world!

Judy Hall is a world renowned crystal expert and workshop leader, and her new book Earth Blessings is a practical guide to using crystals for personal energy clearing, earth healing and environmental enhancemnet. Here, Judy explains how crystal earth healing works, with a five minute exercise you can do everyday to assist the earth.

‘How does crystal earth healing work? I wish I had a coherent, scientific answer to this question, but I don’t! I do know that intention and resonance play a part, as do frequency and vibration. I have insights gained from quantum physics, but I am not a physicist; and from brain neurology, but I am not a neuroscientist. Nor am I am a geologist. However, a lack of scientific understanding doesn’t prevent us from exploring how energy and consciousness function in a holistic universe, where everything is connected to everything else; in other words, in a unified field. Here’s a quick summary of the main theories.


At its simplest Earth healing has it roots in electromagnetism. As with our bodies, Planet Earth has electromagnetic and other telluric currents running through it. It is postulated that the tiny electromagnetic energies that crystals generate can influence the currents flowing in the earth. The crystals’ currents bring earth currents back into harmony in the same way that acupuncture needles harmonize the physical and subtle bodies.

Quantum physics: riding the crest of a wave

The 20th-century theoretical physicist Burckhard Heim put forward the Quantum Field Theory. This postulates a universe on four levels and in six dimensions, rather than the previously scientifically accepted four.

That there are more dimensions is something crystal healers experience on a daily basis. Quantum physics suggests that quantum particles can inhabit any or none of the various levels and dimensions simultaneously. It hypothesizes that energy is not continuous, but exists as “packs” – energy that behaves like separate particles and yet can act like a wave. The quantum particles transfer information patterns over great distances and time, which explains why crystals can work at a distance.

In discussing consciousness and quantum physics in 1987, US theoretical quantum physicist Dr Fred Alan Wolf suggested that consciousness was a huge oceanic wave washing through everything. He pointed out that everything is composed of this “froth” and that we would see ourselves under an electron microscope as, “a rather bizarre-looking light show, of things popping on and off, vanishing and reappearing, matter created out of nothing before vanishing again. And in that vanishing and creation, an electromagnetic signal is piped from one point to another point.” This is exactly what happens within a crystal as it interacts with the Earth and its energy field. Here are some other principles of quantum physics that resonate with Earth healing:

  • Only one thousandth millionth part of our body is matter. The rest is energy.
  • Photons control matter. In other words, energy controls matter.
  • Fundamental particles, such as electrons, protons, neutrons, photons and neutrinos, can influence each other at a considerable distance – a concept known as “non-locality”.
  • Everything is interconnected in such a way that the properties of the smallest pieces contain the properties of the whole.
  • “In some strange sense the quantum principle tells us that we are dealing with a participatory universe.” (Professor John Wheeler, UK)
  • One quantum particle can be in two places at once.
  • Quantum particles come into existence when observed.



As bundles of energy, crystals can affect their environment – this comes about through entrainment. In Earth healing entrainment is defined as a sympathetic resonance between two energy fields. Time and distance, and size, have no relevance here. A crystal’s pulsing energy field has perfect equilibrium and its sympathetic resonance stabilizes a larger field through energetic synchronization especially when directed by intention. Entrainment is used to send healing and restore balance to a specific site or to the Earth’s matrix grid through the placement of crystals on maps and diagrams. These energetically transfer harmony to the larger energy field, which can be considered to be a holographic universe.

The holographic universe

A hologram is a system in which a part contains the information of the whole. US theoretical physicist David Bohm conceived the notion that the parts were actually organized by the quantum whole and had the property of non-locality – that is, they did not exist in time and space. The notion that information contained within a hologram is non-local explains why a crystal in one part of the world can resonate or entrain with another or with an energy field anywhere. In a hologram one tiny fragment contains the whole folded within until it is projected out to the world.

We could look on the crystal world as a holomovement – each individual crystal carrying a dynamic imprint of the whole. In a hologram, we can access any part of the whole if we shine a laser through it at any point. In Earth healing, intention replaces the laser – shining light to access global energy within the crystal.

Scalar waves

It is my belief that healing work is the result of scalar waves. These are found throughout the universe and within our physical bodies. Bioscalar wave energy (that is, scalar energy within living matter) exists at the microscopic level in the nucleus of an atom or a cell or the building blocks of a crystal. It creates a bioenergetic source more powerful than DNA, cellular matrixes and other physiological processes. It activates the meridians and facilitates healing at the energetic interface between spirit and matter.

It is probable that all healing crystals have this energy within their matrix, and that their crystalline structure actually produces bioscalar energy that might operate on the human and planetary energy body, stimulating the ability to self-heal. The depiction of the energetic pattern of scalar waves is remarkably similar to how an intuitive eye perceives the energies radiating out from a crystal or the energy patterns surrounding the Earth.


Bringing it all together

If the body, the brain and the consciousness are inextricably linked with all other matter in the universe and can entrain, we are connected by an invisible network (scalar waves) to each and every thing in that universe – including crystals and the Earth itself. Through the frequency of our thoughts and intention we can affect the whole, particularly when we amplify the entrainment through the resonating energies of a crystal. Heal the subtle energetic etheric level, bring it back into balance, and the physical will follow.

Everyday Five Minute Crystal Earth Healing

selenite-to-help-crystal-earth-healingCrystal: Selenite

1. Find somewhere quiet to sit where you will be undisturbed. Open your palm chakras, then close one hand around your piece of Selenite, holding the crystal lightly in your palm.

2. Imagine you are holding Mother Earth and that the Selenite is filling the whole Earth with white light.

3. Once the image of the Earth is filled with light, visualize the Earth’s matrix grid lighting up. In your mind’s eye, see a strong protective shield around the outer edges of the Earth’s biomagnetic field. Hold this thought for up to five minutes and then put your crystal down, disconnect from the matrix grid and stand up, ensuring you are properly grounded.

Discover how the energy of crystals can enable you to interact with the Earth with Judy Hall’s Earth Blessings

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