Personal Development

Dads, Fathers and Sons



To celebrate Father’s Day on June 21 we selected a paragraph of Backbone by David H Wagner, recently published in hardcover.

Straight talking, down‐to‐earth and humorous, Wagner addresses the challenges that modern men typically face, asking the reader to join him in a series of profound self‐ examination exercises and questions covering life purpose, male identity, spirituality, self‐limitation, sexuality, relationships, fatherhood and more.

Every chapter is highly practical and also includes observations and examples from David’s own life journey as well as insights gained from the many clients and groups he has worked with over the years.


About the author: David H Wagner is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, men’s group leader and proud father David H Wagnerbased in New York City. Originally from the American Midwest, Wagner spent the better part of his 20s engaged in deep  spiritual training in India. On the faculties of Kripalu, Omega Institute and Yogaglo, he works with people from all walks of life including military personal, combat veterans, Fortune‐ 500 executives, Hollywood actors, Grammy award‐winning musicians and outlaw bikers. Learn more online at www.davidhwagner.com