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The follow-on title to the hugely successful Colouring for Contemplation, More Colouring for Contemplation is divided into 4 sections; love, compassion, joy and equanimity. Each section contains beautiful, meaningful themed artwork alongside an accompanying quotation from some of the most inspirational thinkers around the world. More Colouring for Contemplation will take the reader on a journey through these empowering qualities allowing them quiet time to reflect time while also providing them with a vibrant record of their inner and outer colouring experience.

Download 3 Free Colouring Pages from More Colouring for Contemplation below!


About the authors: Alex Ogg is a freelance illustrator, a musician, and a childminder. He studied Illustration at  Southampton Institute. He discovered the joy of creating colouring pictures whilst working in the children’s department at Waterstones in 2008, where he secretly used to leave hand-drawn colouring pictures on the activity table. He discovered mindfulness not long after and he now meditates daily. He also loves to cook.
Amber Hatch is a writer, teacher and childminder. She studied for an English Literature degree in Southampton and holds an MA in Creative Writing. In 2015 she published a parenting book Nappy Free Baby, which was also illustrated by Alex. She has been practising Buddhist meditation for six years, and regularly goes on retreat. She helps to organise family retreats for the Samatha Centre in Wales.
Alex and Amber both grew up in Oxfordshire, where they met as teenagers. They are married and live in Oxford with their two children.