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Dr. Gary Wood On Finding The Keys To Lasting Change

Dr. Gary Wood the author of Unlock Your Confidence: Find The Keys To Lasting Change Through The Confidence Karma Method is a Chartered psychologist, life coach, author and broadcaster, Dr Gary Wood specializes in translating evidence-based psychology and coaching into workable solutions for individuals and organizations. He provides consulting services in the areas of psychology, coaching and research.

To learn more, see Dr. Gary Wood’s book Unlock Your Confidence.

Confidence Quiz

The quiz comprises 20 questions. Indicate your level of agreement with each item, without ‘over-thinking’. There will be plenty of time to reflect later. The quiz is in two parts and the scoring reverses for the second part. For the first part, score each of the statements on a scale of 0–10, where 10 means you ‘totally agree’ and 0 means you ‘totally disagree’. You are free to use any point on the scale to indicate your attitude. However, I urge you to use the mid-point (5) sparingly, if at all. Scores 4 and 6 represent very slight disagreement and agreement respectively. Rarely are we neutral about things so ‘close to home’.

     0         1         2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9        10

Totally disagree                                                                             Totally agree      

1. ___ I am comfortable accepting compliments or praise.

2. ___ I give myself the freedom to get things wrong and make mistakes.

3. ___ I find it easy to make clear-cut decisions.

4. ___ I find it easy to relax and am ‘comfortable in my own skin’.

5. ___ I set personal development goals.

6. ___ I take action on my goals.

For the remaining items, reverse the scale, so that 0 now means ‘Totally agree’ and 10 means ‘totally disagree’. You are free to use any point on the scale to indicate your attitude, but again I urge you to use the mid-point (5) sparingly, if at all.

    0         1         2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9        10

Totally disagree                                                                             Totally agree  

7. ___ I am frightened of achieving success and coping with it.

8. ___ I fear making a fool of myself.

9. ___ I feel a failure if I don’t do a perfect job.

10. ___ I often think I’m not good enough.

11. ___ I am far too tough on myself and my own worst critic.

12. ___ I’m prone to jump to conclusions and later regret it.

13. ___ I often compare myself unfavourably with other people.

14. ___ I tend to rehearse negative outcomes in my head, over and over again.

15. ___ I prefer to stay in my comfort zone and stick with what’s familiar.

16. ___ I tend to set myself up for a fall and find a way to mess up before I reach my goal.

17. ___ I speak to myself in a negative way or put myself down in front of others.

18. ___ I avoid taking responsibility so that people don’t expect too much of me.

19. ___ I tend to procrastinate.

20. ___ I put my achievements down to luck.

Simply add up the scores for the 20 questions to get your total confidence score.

Total: ___


The scores and quiz statements are offered as discussion points to help you to pinpoint the important issues for you and to provide suggestions for what issues to address. This is not a diagnostic test to lumber you with a label, just a starting point to create some signposts. You also need to consider, what score would be ‘good enough’ for you? Does anyone have ‘perfect confidence’ in all situations, at all times and with all people? Most probably not.

• 0–40 indicates low confidence

• 41–80 indicates low to moderate confidence

• 81–120 indicates moderate confidence

• 121–160 indicates moderate to high confidence

• 161–200 indicates high confidence

Unlock Your Confidence


Dr. Gary Wood
Unlock Your Confidence
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