The Voice of the Ego Vs the Power of Intuition

Rosemary Gallagher starts with a simple yet powerful statement: your ego/fear does not want you to be happy, your intuition/soul does.

We all need to learn to listen more to our intuition/soul, and not to the negative voice of ego/fear which I call the voice of ‘doom’. I know it can be scary sometimes to trust your intuition/soul. Holy moly, what happens if it’s wrong! Well, from experience, I know if you learn to trust your intuition/soul you can’t go wrong. It will never lead you up the garden path. Your ego/fear will though!

The voice of ego/fear wants you to be unhappy; it thrives on you being depressed, negative, frightened, etc. It doesn’t want your light to shine. An out of balance ego/fear wants to dull your light. That is its job. Your ego/fear does not have your best interests at heart. Now, don’t get me wrong, we all need our ego, but we need a healthy balanced one. And we also need to hear the voice of fear so it can alert us of impending dangers, or negative situations.

However, when both are out of balance, so are we! Whenever I hear the voice of doom telling me that I can’t do something or that I’m not good enough, or when ‘what if’ scenarios start to take over my thoughts, I tell that voice to shut up. I visualise myself pushing the voice down on to the ground and stomping on it. It takes a few attempts but eventually the loud ego/fear voice gets quieter.

The Voice of the Ego Vs the Power of Intuition

Now it’s so much easier to hear the gentle, positive voice of my intuition/soul giving me the courage, confidence and strength to believe in myself and to continue on my soul’s journey, even if at times it doesn’t seem to make sense to me!

The voice of doom won’t quieten without a fight and it still raises its ugly voice every so often, sometimes daily, and if it catches me at a vulnerable moment, I will believe what I’m hearing and it will throw me into a spin for a moment or two. But…you can’t keep an optimist negative for too long!

Practice does make perfect, so learn to control the voice of doom. Just remember – it doesn’t want you to be happy. It doesn’t want your light to shine. Terrible thought, isn’t it?

I know life can be challenging at times, and it’s not always easy, but it can be easier. Our thoughts really do create our reality so try to focus more on what you desire, and not on what you fear. Living in fear is not living. Choose to listen more to your intuition/soul – the voice of love. You will be so happier.

I came across a great line about fear the other week which I thought said it all.

         Let me tell you about ego/fear…it’s the most boring thing about you.


Rosemary Gallagher
I am/You are
£4.99, available from Watkins Publishing



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