Excerpt: Positively Wealthy by Emma Mumford

Positively Wealthy by Emma Mumford will be released as an ebook on the 9th June, and today we’re excited to share a look inside! The book is available to preorder now. Read on to hear from Emma about what inspired the book…

Spirituality and wealth, what do the two have in common? Well, quite a lot actually, as we will explore within the pages of this book. After spending two years as a banker, then going on to create the UK’s biggest money-saving and couponing website Extreme Couponing and Deals UK, money has always fascinated me. I went from being £7,000 in debt at 21 to clearing it all within two years and creating a six-figure limited business helping people to clear their debts and save money too.

But this book isn’t just about manifesting money. After selling my couponing business back in 2018, I thought I had hung up my Coupon Queen crown for good. I was Spiritual Queen now and wanted to focus on my work about abundance and manifesting. Little did I know that the Universe had other plans. During the book launch party for my first book, Spiritual Queen, in 2019, the psychic whom we had hired gave me a reading in which she said, “Emma, your next book is going to be about money. Don’t forget your past because it’s just as relevant now.” I wondered why on earth the Universe would want me to write about money again but didn’t plan on giving it much more thought. However, the topic kept coming up. I’d be talking to friends and they’d say, “Emma you’re really good at manifesting money while being abundant and spiritual at the same time. People need to hear this more, as there isn’t an overall healthy relationship with money in the spiritual world.”

It struck me that I’d never looked at things like this before. Yes, I’d done incredible things with my relationship with money, but did it really warrant an entire book? I decided to explore this in more detail and realized there really is a lot missing from Law of Attraction books and teachings about money, wealth and, most importantly, sustainability. This calling was about more than getting rich quick, more than buying materialistic items with the manifested money, more than creating a lucrative six- or seven-figure business. This was calling me to create and teach a Positively Wealthy mindset.

We live in a time of get-rich-quick schemes, pyramid schemes, and invest-in-yourself coaches who have spent over £300k on themselves, therefore so should you and if you don’t, you don’t know your worth! While I respect the many coaches out there who are killin’ it and helping people, there is also a shady side to this industry, where people are being taken for a ride by questionable coaching practices. I decided to explore within this book what real financial worth is and to provide 33 channelled practices I do personally and teach to my clients and followers on how to create sustainable wealth in all areas of your life. Not when the dream life comes; I mean starting from today and making it last.

Wealth can look like many different things to different people. What do I mean by wealth? I mean your entire life. I’m not just talking about investment, money or business. I’m talking about self-love, vibration, career, your personal life – the lot! Over the next 33 days, I want to help you not only to manifest abundance into your life continuously but also to create a sustainable way of successfully achieving your goals. There are a lot of false promises in the wellness industry and I’m not here to give you any of those. I’m here to show you how to create a wealthy lifestyle that will last, that will grow and that will help you manifest your dream life. I chose 33 days as 33 is not only my life number (so it’s kind of a big deal for me), but it’s also a master angel number (see Day 18 for an explanation of these terms). Naturally, I’m loving all those vibes!

Did I think I would be writing a book on wealth at the age of 26? No. Am I a millionaire? Not yet! So, what grounds do I have for teaching you about wealth? Experience! I have seen the highs and lows of financial abundance in both my personal and professional life – I worked as a manager in a bank, and as a money-saving expert I gained a unique understanding of how people interact with money emotionally and habitually (I also got into and out of the £7000 debt my ex-boyfriend laid on me). I’m the creator and CEO of two highly successful six-figure businesses, an award-winning life coach, blogger, YouTuber, podcast host, public speaker and author. I sold my first business within five years of creating it. “Wealth” is what YOU believe it to be. And this can look like different things to different people. I’ve been able to create a life which is not only sustainable but also “wealthy” by my definition of wealth. This book will help you define yours.

My intention is to help those of you who want a happy and abundant relationship with money to finally have one; and to enable those of you who want to create sustainable wealth and abundance in all areas of your life to cultivate daily habits that will allow you to manifest this. I want you to finish reading this book feeling Positively Wealthy – this includes having a clear understanding of what your version of wealth means to you, and the tools and practices to create a positive and harmonious relationship with money and, most importantly, yourself.

Positively Wealthy is published as an ebook on the 9th June, and in paperback on the 8th September – both editions are available to preorder now!