Fantastic Reader Reviews for The Gene Keys


We’re very proud that the books our authors create really make a positive impact on our reader’s lives. But you don’t have to rely on our word for it, because we’ve just stumbled across some great reader reviews for Gene Keys on GoodReads!

Some of the kind people who left reviews for Gene Keys included:

Victoria Pendragon, who said ‘I’ll probably be reading this book for the rest of my life… [the Gene Keys] is rich and deep and satisfying.’ 

Lori said that the book was ‘Profound, fun and beautiful’

Nina Enger wrote that Gene Keys was the ‘absolute best book I have read on the human potential.’



Thank you to all those readers who took the time to leave these reviews, and the 16 five star ratings on Amazon.com. It really is fantastic to hear that the book is having such an impact, and we’re sure the author Richard Rudd must be very proud. If you’ve read the book, please let us know what you thought of it! 

And if you’re wondering what all this is about, take a look at JohnT’s blog about Playing the Gene Keys or head over to the book page and discover how you can unlock the higher purpose hidden in your DNA.





Vicky Hartley is the Marketing Director and Head of Digital for Watkins Publishing Limited (including Duncan Baird Publishers)