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You Can Find Inner Peace and Improve Your Creativity


Mike George, author of You Can Find Inner Peace, shares his insights into reaching a state of inner calm, peacefulness and creativity…

Inner peace is both the foundation and the sustenance of creative and beautiful thinking. Occasionally inspirational thought can be ‘triggered’ by cruel or angry intentions, but a steady flow of insight and inspiration is guaranteed when the mind is quiet and peaceful.

Just as we cannot see deeply into the ocean if there is a storm on the surface, we cannot see and allow what is deep without our self to rise to the surface if there is mental and emotional turmoil. Ask any experienced meditator when their most powerful thoughts emerge and they will tell you it’s either just at the end of their meditation practice or just after.

Peace is our most natural state of being. If we do not return regularly to our heart, our spiritual heart, to be nourished and refreshed by our inner peace, we would most likely be permanently exhausted burnt out, overstimulated, hyperactive and a real ‘hurry and worry’ addict.

Every human being is intrinsically creative by virtue of the fact that every human can think and feel, evaluate and choose, discern and select, the thoughts they would like to materialise in the physical world. However, the ‘quality’ of our thoughts and thus our creativity is profoundly influenced by our state of mind.

Your Creative ‘Thermometer’

If creativity is a function of consciousness, then the ‘quality’ of your creation can be measured. At one end is low ‘quality’ thinking/creating with the tendency towards cruel, dark, angry and ugly thoughts. At the other end of the spectrum is high ‘quality’ thinking/creating, tending towards compassionate, loving and caring thoughts. If the line of that spectrum now stood on one end, with the low ‘quality’ at the bottom, and the high ‘quality’ at the top, and if we could imagine it as a thermometer with our ‘inner peace’ as the mercury indicating the level of ‘quality’, at what level would you find your thinking/creating?

Ask a writer why they suffer bouts of writer’s block and most will tell you it is because of distraction, obsessive thought patterns or simply a mind agitated by emotion. All are disturbances to their inner peace, thereby blocking and distorting their mental flow.

Take a second glance at the works of many modern artists. Do you see something of great beauty of an expression of mental darkness, confusion and fragmentation? Yes it is creative, but what is the ‘quality’ of the creativity? Listen again to modern music. Are you struck by the beauty of the tones, the subtle harmonies within its structures, or are you shocked and shaken by the edgy, often discordant tune, which is also accompanied by words that express the creator’s angst, frustrations and solemnity? The purpose is not to criticise, but to review, to sense the presence of ‘quality’, or its absence.

Improve the ‘quality’ of your creativity

Perhaps the message here is simple – when we lose touch with our inner peace, the quality of our creativity is degraded, the quality of our expression is distorted and the quality of our life will consequently be diminished. This is not to say that life is always a bowl of cherries when you are ‘in your peace’. Wordsworth knew loneliness intimately (as we all probably do, even in a crowd) but the nature of his peace, and the peace of his nature, allowed him to ‘behold’ (hold in his being) and celebrate the beauty of the daffodil.

We are all creators, all artists, all in the process of manifesting our life from inside out, not outside in. It is often only when we are fully aware that the ‘quality’ of our creation originates from, and is dependent upon, our state of being, that we value and consciously nurture our inner peace.

The ‘quality’ of our inner peace correlates directly with the ‘quality’ of our creation.

Question: What, for you, is peace exactly and how do you know peace…exactly?

Reflection: Think back on something of high quality and something of low quality that you have created in your life. Notice your state of being prior to and during your creative process in each instance.

Action: Try this today. When you read the newspaper, look at the billboard, listen to the music, and see if you can measure the quality of the creator’s peacefulness that lies behind their creation. Don’t judge it, criticise or condemn it. Just see if you can ‘see’ it. At the end of the day look back and see your day as a painting, and discern what was the ‘quality’ of your peace behind the creation of your day. What would be the reading on your inner peace thermometer?

Set out tomorrow to see only, and create only, the highest ‘quality’ of thoughts and images.

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