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Find The Keys To Lasting Change Through The Confidence Karma Method

Dr Gary Wood, author of Unlock Your Confidence: Find The Keys To Lasting Change Through The Confidence Karma Method is a social psychologist, solution focused life coach and broadcaster based in Birmingham & Edinburgh, UK. He has taught psychology, learning skills, sexual health and research methods in several UK universities and is widely cited in the press offering psychological insights and coaching tips. Gary has also authored publications in academic journals on a range of topics in and around psychology and health including attitudes, stereotypes, body image, research methods and gender. His coaching and goal setting book ‘Don’t Wait For Your Ship to Come In. . . Swim Out to Meet It’ has been translated into several languages. In his spare time he eats, sleeps, reads, and occasionally sings.

Bringing together broadcasting and research skills, Gary has fronted a number of media campaigns, including several for The Learning and Skills Council to encourage adults back into education. He has featured on international, national and local radio including an appearance on BBC Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour. He has been a regular and lively contributor to BBC Five Live’s The Late Show and resident, ‘no holes barred’, sex and relationships psychologist on Radio BRMB’s The Sex Factor. Television credits include popular culture shows such as Big Brother’s Little Brother, Trisha Goddard and BBC’s Money Spinners, and Inside-Out as well topical discussion programmes such as as The Big Questions and Sunday Morning Live. Working behind the scenes, Gary also acts as a consultant for the development of radio and TV programmes. He co-created and named BRMB’s long running radio show The Sanctuary.

To learn more, see Dr. Gary Wood’s book Unlock Your Confidence.

Your Definition of Confidence

The quiz offers a number of concepts that help define confidence. Some of them may apply to you more than others. For this exercise, write down ten things that contribute to your definition of confidence. With more confidence, what will you be doing that you aren’t doing now? State these in terms of positive actions. For instance, instead of ‘reduce stress’ you would write ‘increase relaxation’. Instead of saying ‘not be frightened doing’ write ‘feel comfortable doing’. These will be overall goals to guide the confidence-building process. They represent your future desired confidence outcomes so that the process is more tailor-made to your needs. If you can’t think of ten at the moment, you can always return to this exercise as things occur to you. Just to get you started here are some possible statements:

• Confidence for me is being able to talk easily to people I’ve never met before.

• Confidence for me is being able to pursue a completely new career path.

• Confidence for me is being able to ask someone out for a coffee and feel relaxed or just excited.

To help you understand where you are now, rate each item from 0 to 10 where 0 equals ‘currently not meeting this goal at all’ and 10 equals ‘totally meeting this goal’. Begin to consider what would need to happen for you to move one point up the scale. Also, what rating would be ‘good enough’ for each item?

Unlock Your Confidence


Dr. Gary Wood
Unlock Your Confidence
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