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Get 30% off our Masters of Wisdom Series and receive a free e-book!
The offer is valid until Wednesday November 11.
Masters of Wisdom is a Watkins Series, edited by Alan Jacobs, presenting a selection of inspiring and memorable writings and teachings from celebrated sages, seers and leaders of the modern age.
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‘I will not say “pray” because there is no God to pray to. … My word for prayer is love. … Love is not for some invisible God. Love is for the visible – human beings, animals, trees, oceans, mountains. Spread your wings of love as far and wide as you can. And remember, love needs no belief system. … love is something intrinsic to you – nothing imposed from outside … it is your human potential.’ (Osho on Love)
OSHO – Living Dangerously: Ordinary Enlightenment for Extraordinary Times presents an overview of the key teachings of his revolutionary credo of ‘living dangerously’. Osho is known as one of the most provocative teachers of our time and nearly two decades after his death, his iconoclastic message has a growing body of followers worldwide. ‘The idea of rebellion is not new’, he has said, ‘but the idea of rebellion combined with enlightenment is absolutely new – it is my contribution’.WatMast-Osho-copy-300x479
THOREAU: Transcendent Nature for a Modern World is and invaluable anthology of Henry David Thoreau (1817 – 1862) through his writings, both formal and informal, assessing his importance in literature, politics, spirituality and the history of ideas. The book interweaves autobiography with spiritual and political philosophy and with close observations of nature, escribing his experiment in ‘home economics’.
GANDHI: Radical Wisdom for a Changing World draws an intimate picture of Gandhi’s education and early life as wells as the most telling speeches, news articles, letters, state documents and other writings.
WatMast-DLama-300x473DALAI LAMA: Infinite Compassion for an Imperfect World capture the essence of the Dalai Lama, covering the major themes of this great man’s teaching. Among them are Science and Religion, Compassion and the Individual, The Pillars of World Peace, Personal Responsibility, Buddhist Teaching and Opening the Eye of Awareness.
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