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The summer season is here and with it comes Watkins reading list!
We suggested some of our favourite books to bring with you over the summer. Whether we are planning a long holiday on a sandy beach on the Mediterranean coast or windy camping week-ends in Wales, we always indulge in 97817802869141the pleasure of reading a new book!

If you are looking to start a new dietary approach, The Body Balance Diet Plan by Eminé Ali Rushton explains Ayurveda in clear and simple language, catering to those who have never encountered this method before. The book delves into the ancient science of Ayurveda introducing the different doshas and the ingredients to use according to each type in order to feel your body  light, vital and energized.

Jerusalem: The Real Life of William Blake by Tobias Churton and The Man Who Saw the FutureManWhoSaw-150x247 by Catherine Blackledge are two brilliant biographies to carry with you over the summer! While the first unveils the spiritual essence of William Blake, the second is a spellbinding tale of prophecy, power and politics, which tells the fascinating story of the 17th-century astrologer William Lilly.

Nostradamus_future_pb_dbp-300x473Recently out in paperback is Nostradamus by Mario Reading, a revised edition of this internationally bestselling selection of Nostradamus’s most relevant prophecies, updated to include brand-new author commentaries on the prophecies that have come to pass since first publication

I Met a Monk by Rose Eliott is fascinating introduction to Buddhism. Having 9781780288369-150x206never truly been convinced on the idea of single specific spiritual practice, the author discovered Buddhism much later on in her life through the encounter with a monk. In this book Rose shares her experience in this autobiographical book.

Wilderness-Survival-final-150x227In The Wilderness Survival Guide , Joe O’Leary invites you to grasp the practical skills you need for the great outdoors. Remember that being prepared, having confidence in your own abilities and being adaptable can be just as much of a life-saver as the most expensive bits of equipment!

The Battersea Park Road to Paradise by Isabel Losada is a funny, well written, warm and intelligent BATTERSEA-PARK-PARADISE_PB-300x473book which made this reader smile broadly. Leading us through the labyrinth of new age spirituality, mad-cap Feng Shui consultants, gung-ho American motivation gurus, the wonderful contemporary teacher Mooji, and a brave hallucinogenic excursion to South America, Isabel Losada proves herself a fantastic prose-stylist and the most eloquent of guides.’ writes William Bloom.

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