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Getting back to school after a long summer break also means having to resettle into routines and many parents might find it difficult to get their kids back into a regular sleeping schedule! Bedtime stories are a traditional and powerful tool to get kids back into their school routine, to get them inspired by storytelling and to create an emotional closeness between parent and child as the day comes to an end.

‘By engaging with the tales and reading them aloud with or to your child, you can create a powerful intimacy and set sail together into a world of wonder and imagination – sharing sights, sounds and, indeed, many feelings along the way.’ says Dharmachari Nagaraja, author of Buddha at Bedtime.

From Aesop’s fables to shamanic totems, from fairies to magical tales inspired by the teachings of the Buddha, we selected our children’s books from our back list. All 50% off during this week! Click HERE to see the full list.

Magical Animals at Bedtime: Children’s Stories of Guidance and Inspiration by Lou Kuenzler is a beautiful and engrossing anthology of stories featuring inspiring, funny animals from all over the world and amazing legendary creatures.

BUDDHA-AT-BEDTIME-300x402In The Buddha’s Apprentice at Bedtime by Dharmachari Nagaraja, each story is based on ancient Buddhist folktales that can help children to develop their knowledge and understanding as they learn to become the ‘Buddha’s apprentice’.

Also by Dharmachari Nagaraja, Buddha at Bedtime allows you to discover a treasure-trove of Buddhist wisdom with its twenty tales of love and wisdom.Nightlights-300x378

Nightlights: Children’s Stories To Encourage Calm, Confidence and Creativity by Anne Civardi, Joyce Dunbar, Kate Petty, Levina Somerville, with an introduction by David Fontana. Nightlights offers a unique way for children to discover themselves and their creativity through easy and enjoyable meditation. As well as calming their anxieties, it nurtures and enhances the natural bond of closeness between parent and child. From the same authors, More Nightlights: More Children’s Stories To Encourage Calm, Confidence and Creativity includes twenty enchanting tales.

Fairies-at-Bedtime_COVER-300x396Fairies at Bedtime: Children’s Stories To Encourage Calm, Confidence and Creativity by Karen Wallace and Lou Kuenzler is rich with magic, featuring fairies and with helpful messages to help children to better understand the natural world and the importance of wilderness.

Angels at Bedtime includes twenty inspiring children’s stories of angelic intervention: tales of Love, guidance and support. Written by Karen Wallace, Lou Kuenzler, Katy Moran and Anne Civardi, the book encourages children to look at the world with wonder and be open to the ways in which positive energy can be found in unlikely places.

Designed to be read either by parents or by the children themselves, these charming tales provide a gentle transition into sleep or make enjoyable daytime reading!

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