Herbs and Spices to Rewind Your Body Clock

This month we’re pleased to be publishing Jayney Goddard’s Rewind Your Body Clock. With a special interest in anti-ageing, Jayney is one of the world’s leading complementary medicine and natural health experts. Take it away, Jayney!

I’m always amazed by the way the herbs and spices we commonly use in our food can double up as powerful treatments and medicines, with many of them having a profound effect on age-reversal and youth-promotion.

There are surprising benefits to the ingredients that many of us keep readily in our homes, and it turns out that the humble spice rack holds more than meets the eye. Here are my top five herbs and spices that are readily-accessible and have the most impact when it comes to reversing cellular damage that can accrue as we age.


To Protect Bones and Aid in Detox

Oregano is a nutrient-rich herb, containing high levels of calcium, iron and manganese, and this makes it great for protecting your bones against osteoporosis later in life. The active constituent of oregano, called rosmarinic acid, helps to eliminate free radicals that age us and contribute to disease. The herb also contains organic compounds that make it very useful for supporting your body’s detoxification pathways.


The Caribbean Anti-Ageing Secret

Allspice is a potent spice from Jamaica that can help to keep blood-sugar levels under control by balancing circulating blood glucose, which helps to inhibit the formation of AGEs.*
Incorporated into a healthy diet, it also helps to improve circulation, enhance mood, protect the gastrointestinal system, enhance healthy immune function, lower blood pressure and reduce chronic inflammation. Allspice also has antibacterial and antifungal properties and is particularly potent in combatting unhealthy stomach bacteria. When added to foods, it can even deactivate harmful bacteria before they start to do damage.


Superhero of the Spice World

Most of us are familiar with clove oil being used, with caution, as an anaesthetic for toothache. However, cloves can also offer relief from respiratory problems including bronchitis and asthma and they help to fight intestinal parasites, bacterial overgrowth and fungal infections. They have also been shown to aid digestion, protect sugar metabolism and preserve bone density. Last but not least, they have potent aphrodisiac properties, so can help to keep things vibrant on that front, too.


Queen of Anti-Ageing Spices

Cinnamon contains anti-inflammatory compounds that have been shown to help relieve pain. However one of the most exciting benefits it gives us is its ability to help our bodies deal with sugar better. In fact, just a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon a day has been proven to reduce blood-sugar levels. Cinnamon is also a Caloric Restriction Mimetic, which means it has the ability to mimic the effects of a low-calorie diet and therefore slow signs of biological ageing. The antioxidant constituents of the spice are also markedly beneficial for skin health and they enhance your body’s ability to heal and repair itself.


Pure Anti-Ageing Gold

A potent anti-ageing agent, turmeric is loaded with antioxidants, which help to fight the signs of ageing, including reducing wrinkles and lessening hyperpigmentation from sun damage by curbing the growth of free radicals. Turmeric’s active compounds have also been shown to enhance liver function, which helps to reduce levels of toxicity in the body. And the antioxidant properties of turmeric can be helpful for liver ailments such as cirrhosis and fatty liver disease. Historically, turmeric has often been used to enhance cognitive abilities, improve concentration and enhance memory retention, and modern-day research has proven these traditional approaches have validity. It has also been shown to help protect neural pathways from long-term oxidative stress and the build-up of harmful substances.

*AGEs are Advanced Glycation End Products, formed from glucose and protein binding in the body, which cause signs of ageing.

If you’d like to find out more about the herbs and spices from your food cupboard that can help fight the signs of ageing, as well as hundreds of other suggestions and detailed advice, Rewind Your Body Clock by Jayney Goddard is available now from all good bookshops.

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Jayney Goddard is an experienced complementary healthcare practitioner with a special interest in immunology and anti-ageing. Our attitudes towards ageing have undergone radical changes in recent years and many women now recognise that beauty and health come not from invasive procedures, fillers or expensive skincare brands, but from the inside out.

Packed with science-based insight into what it really means to ‘age’ and reminding us that we have far more control over how young we feel and look than most of us realise, this comprehensive guide offers the ultimate blueprint for anti-ageing the natural way.

Rewind Your Body Clock is available now from Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and other good bookshops.