Introducing… the 14 Days of Wellbeing from Watkins and Nourish

14 days of wellbeing - watkins blog

Reconnect with your resolutions with our 14 days of wellbeing! For the next 14 days we will be sharing some of the best advice from our books and authors to help you improve your wellness. From spirituality, to health and diet (on our sister imprint, Nourish)  we will be sharing some tips and advice with you to help you heighten your spiritual, mental and physical health for life.

Watkins and wellbeing have always gone hand-in-hand. Over the next fortnight, we will be posting inspirational blogs, giveaways, and tips to inspire your happy and healthy mind, body, and spirit! Starting Monday Feb 15, Watkins and Nourish will be putting out blog posts, videos, extracts, images, recipes, and competitions designed to excite and inspire. Across all of our channels there will be yoga tips, mudra exercises, behind-the-scenes videos, expert advice, delicious and nutritious recipes, motivational images, and meaningful extracts to inspire you to live your best life.

If you would like to be part of the campaign please keep an eye out on our social media, and follow the hashtag #14days!

Happy 14 days of wellbeing!

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