Iona and the Holy Mountain

 – by Claire Nahmad

I wonder what your immediate thoughts might be regarding the manifestation of a World Teacher. I was always somewhat unimpressed. The idea of Maitreya arising, or the Imam Mahdi, or John as Rudolf Steiner predicted, seemed somehow a bit bloke-ish and old school, although I did warm to the concept of the Second Coming as a worldwide opening of the heart centre in humanity: a baptism of divine light that would ‘smite the sleeping world awake.’

Then, beginning precisely in 2003, I was precipitated, utterly astonished, into my own awakening regarding the World Teacher. I was, however unlikely it must sound and of course only according to my capacity, initiated into the mysteries of John, and went on to discover that there was no masculine bias or old-school inclination about them whatsoever!

Dun I rock, Iona

Dun I rock, Iona

These mysteries of John are spoken of in the inscriptions on the ancient clay tablets of Mesopotamia, in numerous sacred texts, in countless mythologies surrounding ‘Fish-Men’, and in particular the Arthurian cycle of legends. They tell their story on Iona and within the heart of Rosslyn Chapel. Iona is their epicentre, and it is Iona (whose name is a rendition of ‘John’) that holds the key to the mystery.

A pilgrimage to Iona, undertaken in spirit or in body, will almost inevitably stir your heart so that something of Iona’s secrets unfolds within. For me, Iona revealed that once she was a holy mountain, the most sacred on Earth, and that nowadays she was a mountaintop in the sea, for the mountain had been purposely severed by human manipulation of geological forces. She revealed that the holy mountain had stood further north in the early days of the world, right over the North Pole, and that it had enshrined a force within its heart other than electromagnetism – a force that connected Earth to the stars and was one with the stars.

This mystical force ensured an evolution for Earth and her humanity of the profoundest spiritual degree, commensurate with stars of the highest grade of light, even whilst Earth remained a planet that supported physical life. The queen or shepherdess of this force was known as Mistress of the Earth Star, because the mountain and its mysterious force comprised an entirely feminine power.

Iona Abbey from the sea

Iona Abbey from the Sea

There were two great kings on Earth who lived a little below the dimension of life where this great queen presided. One was named Enki, the other Enlil. The first was humanity’s great champion and protector, who served the queen faithfully and followed her every injunction to guide, educate and nurture the lower essence of humanity coming into existence in dense physical bodies at that time. Enki officiated in a temple which encompassed the conception of a loving god known as the Mother-Father who was the creative spirit of the universe.

Enlil, on the other hand, despised physical humanity, despised the great queen, and generally despised everything feminine, especially the idea of the enfolding feminine presence within the Godhead! He dreamt up his own idea of God, which was entirely masculine, military and dominant, and committed to destroying physical manifestation once and for all. Enlil served in the temple of this false god of shadows and air, and soon entirely identified with him. He called himself God and set out on a reign of terror and cruelty intended to subjugate humanity and the planet, and then destroy them both. His first and most terrible atrocity was to decapitate the holy mountain and dispossess its beautiful queen. This deed passed into folklore as ‘the Dolorous Blow’.

His great bugbear in his ongoing operation was his brother Enki, who by dint of inconceivable self-sacrifice descended to the level of physical life in order to protect humanity. He manifested as the many Fisher gods or Fish-men that walked the Earth, manifesting in all religions, appearing as Zarathustra, as Buddha, and prominent in the Sufi mysteries. He became known as Oannes and later as John the Beloved, the most significant disciple among the Fisher-men that surrounded Jesus.

MacLean's cross

MacLean’s Cross

Enki’s great mission was to enable his heavenly twin (the androgyne that manifested as Jesus and Mary Magdalene, just as Enki also was graced with his feminine counterpart) to descend to Earth to reveal a secret – one intertwined with the Christ teachings yet one that is entirely unsuspected and of which so far we have had no conception. Its time for revelation is now. Iona reveals it. Rosslyn reveals it, for Rosslyn is situated at the base of what once was the heavenly mountain – the Mountain of Assembly (of higher spiritual beings) spoken of in the bible.

When Iona and Rosslyn are energetically reconnected (which will be facilitated by the chapel), we shall at last understand what the Cathars died for, what the Templars guarded, what the secret of Mary Magdalene was, what the enlightened alchemists knew, and of what the troubadours sang.

 Meet the Author: Claire Nahmad has written a number of bestselling books on feminine spirituality, angel communication and esoteric secrets contained within history. Her books have a strong following worldwide and include The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene and Summoning Angels.


Claire Nahmad
Pilgrimage to Iona
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