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When My Journey Began with Chrissie Astell

Chrissie Astell is one of the UK’s best-loved spiritual educators and angel experts, who travels the country helping people connect with their guardian angels in her workshops. Her Chrissie tells her fascinating story, and how she came to free her spiritual connection and embrace angelic healing.

ChrissieAstell_Lipson_250The old cliché that there is a book inside every one of us is probably true. We all have a unique story to tell. Whether that story appears to be phenomenal or mundane will depend not only on the way the tale is told, but the mood and imagination of the reader. In my observation of life, so far, (including my own and other people’s) is that there are many mysterious and wonderful twists and turns leading to various levels of success, defeat, challenge and joy. It is our expression of the fascination with this ‘wonder of life’ that inspires our creativity.

Are you a ‘people watcher’? When I was young I would take great delight in making up ‘brief encounters’ for people as they passed by, romanticising on their lives, and situations. Later I began noticing a light around some people which I later discovered was their aura. I began to notice my feelings as empathy, and realized I was picking up on their emotions and pain. You might agree that these make excellent qualities for the nursing career I chose later on, but does it help in writing books? Perhaps.

The writing of my first book Discovering Angels, came from my fascination with the relationship between faith, psychology and the supernatural world of angels. Particularly the appearance of angels in every world culture. It was during my first year at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), as I was reading some work written by a theologian who worked with angels for group healing, that I had an angelic visitation which left me in no doubt of the reality of their existence. If they had appeared to me, and so many thousands of others throughout the world… from the beginning of time, my sense was that there was a great deal of research to be done. But it has been my later work, the less ‘scientific’ and more heart-centered, guided and channeled, work that has brought me the most pleasure and satisfaction. Gathering the stories of other people’s encounters with the angelic realms, for Gifts from Angels, was truly amazing. Angels appear as often now as they ever did, even though we are living in a society which seems (on the surface) not to support organised religion.

I was born into a ‘religious’ family. My great grandfather, a Yorkshire man, was a Methodist preacher. He also had friends who became founding members of the Theosophical Society. Annie Bessant, and others, would meet for discussions, sitting in his ‘parlour’, in Halifax, dressed in black and drinking tea. My parents separated when I was very young, when my dad disappeared to join a mysterious spiritual group in the north of Scotland, (led by Eileen and Peter Caddy, which later became the Findhorn Community) it was both absurd and anathema to the Methodist congregation of the nineteen fifties. My mum, (without social support) had no alternative but to leave me with my granny and get a full time job, training as a nurse. My dad pursued his life as a mystic and healer, and my mother became an active member of the New Age movement in the 70s, channelling Ascended Masters, seeing angels and eventually moved near to Mount Shasta in California where she confounded an eco ‘Light-centre’ called Alcyone.

… and as for me….. I certainly knew and loved Jesus as a little girl, and always felt protected by the ‘ribbons of light’ I often saw around me at night. At the age of eight I read books by Lobsang Rampa and had thoughts on becoming a Tibetan monk, by ten I had a fascination with the supernatural, and by my early teens I had learned about ‘Bio-Rythms’, Astrology, Atlantis, Alien-Gods and miraculous encounters, and decided I definitely had ‘healing hands’. My future life as a spiritual educator and ‘Angel author’ was certainly in the genes, and clearly mapped out in the stars!

Have you ever met those people who seem to bounce along from one thing to another, changing jobs, re-locating, never in one place for five minutes? That was me. During the seventies, as a young free spirit, I left home with granny at seventeen and moved to London for brighter lights and a job in a travel company that led from one exciting adventure to another and the opportunity to see lots of the world. It’s funny, isn’t it, that many ‘spiritually inclined’ and creative people are not terribly good at managing their finances? The right and left brain just doesn’t seem to synchronize! I fell behind on my rent, had an abusive boyfriend and before long I found myself safely wrapped up in a three year nursing training. It wasn’t long until I met, fell in love with, and married a policeman (as nurses often do!). I found out that my husband had no interest, and no patience with anything ‘New Age’ or religious, and sadly I became more and more unhappy as I suppressed my spiritual self and eventually gave my power away. As a nurse and policeman we had very little money at that time and so we followed my husband’s ambition to buy into a transport business. I knew it was not right for me, I had many signs of ‘impending doom’, which I didn’t have the skills or inclination to follow, and so I stayed in a life which eventually made me clinically depressed.

Isn’t it interesting how ‘we don’t know what it is we don’t know, until we find out we didn’t know it’ ? All through my years of struggle I was being guided, protected, and supported by the Universe. It was only in hindsight that the Divine and angelic intervention became clear to me. Every time I called out, ‘they’ were there. In moments of desperation came peace, the right friends, and opportunities for growth, and change.

I might have suppressed and hidden away my spiritual connection, but it was still always there, niggling and nagging me to set it free. Just after my fortieth birthday I decided to change. I went to a local MBS fair and was startled by drawings of angels which were identical to those of my mother in America. When I approached the artist she was as intrigued and excited as me, and so we arranged to meet up so that we could compare the channelled artwork, and this led to me taking her course in Angelic Healing. My re-connection to the angelic realms brought me the confidence and courage to make enormous changes to my life, including leaving my work in the transport business with my husband and moving out of our family home to live in a small studio apartment in east London. To support myself I went back to nursing. My friendship with the artist and healer blossomed and we were soon running joint workshops together. I was fascinated by the cultural beliefs and various ideas about angels. It seemed to me that there was a commonality – a mysterious golden thread – between each religion that all included a belief in angels. I decided I needed to know much more and applied for the University degree I felt I had missed by ‘running away to London’. I loved studying different world religions, mysticism, angelology, theories and philosophies.

The academic life didn’t really suit me, but the learning fed my hungry mind while the experience of gathering and sharing that knowledge has continued to touch my soul. Which is why I love to create books and workshops to help bring angels to everyone!

Chrissie Astell is the author of Gifts from Angels and the Guardian Angel Oracle. Discover more about Chrissie, her books and courses (and sign up for her great newsletter) on her website chrissieastell.com.


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