4 Titles To Help You Keep Your Resolutions in 2020

Happy new year! We’ve had another great year here at Watkins Publishing, and can’t wait to see what the new decade brings…

Whatever resolutions or intentions you’ve made for yourself in 2020, we’ve got some great books to give the tools you’ll need to keep them.

If your resolution is to…
Make that side hustle a reality

If you’ve always dreamed of giving up your day job and doing something you really enjoy, this practical guide is the book you need. Joe Barnes uses his Dream Job Chart to help you assess your ideas, skills and favourite causes to decide which of your passions to pursue. Identify one of the three bespoke routes to reach your goal:
– the Adventurer’s Path, for risk takers with few commitments
– the Strategist’s Path, for those with patience and flexibility
– the Grinder’s Path, for those who need to continue with their day job for longer while pursuing their dream

Whether you’ve got a burning idea for an invention, a side-hustle you’d like to make your main gig, or just a pressing desire to be your own boss, Do the Work You Love has expert advice from someone who has done it themselves. Whatever your age, ability or current role, this motivating call-to-action proves you really can earn an income from your passion!

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If your resolution is to…
Listen to your inner self

We’re always being told to listen to what our bodies are telling us – but how do you actually do that? The Intuition Journal is a calming daily companion to help you connect to your inner wisdom and live more in alignment with your heart – feeling more decisive, creative, fulfilled and at peace.

At its core, intuition is the act of conscious listening – to your body, to the whispers of your heart, to the moments of inspired insight that come to you. This beautiful journal has been specially designed to encourage you to tune in and listen to your innate self – to find more stillness to connect back to yourself and honour your heart’s truest intentions.

Divided into four non-dated, 13 week phases – Preparing Sacred Ground, Nurturing the Seed, Navigating Deep Growth and Living in Full Flourish – the journal will guide you through a full year of inner growth and transformation. With each week offering you both guidance and space to explore a different aspect of your intution, your understanding and awareness will deepen, allowing you to embrace and act on your intuition more and more each day.

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If your resolution is to…
Keep track of the important things

Available in a spiral-bound desk version or a handy pocket-sized edition, the Every Day Matters 2020 Diary illustrated by Dani DiPirro has inspiring prompts to think about each month, as well as space for monthly reflections on changing topics and recording what you’re grateful for.

There’s plenty of space for daily notes, as well as a whole-month spread for at-a-glance planning. No excuses for forgetting to pick up the shopping or order that birthday present!

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If your resolution is to…
Tame your creative chaos

If you’re a creative person in any way, whether it’s a role at work or dabbling in painting or music in your spare time, Organizing Your Creative Career by Sheila Chandra is the guide you need to help bring more order to creative chaos.

From how to set up your workspace to time management tips, self-promotion to balancing creativity and personal wellbeing, Sheila will guide you to putting your artistic career on the path to success.

As a bestselling author and internationally renowned musician, Sheila speaks from personal experience and walks you through the essential systems that will help you thrive.

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Wishing you all a happy 2020!