Letting Go, Let it Be… the Power of the Giveaway


By Barbara Meiklejohn-Free 

I always remember a time in my life when letting go was a problem for me. I held on to my belongings for dear life. I loved to spend money, and I still do, but now I do it with giving thought to my actions and the space I have. When I lived in a big house, with my former partner James, I spent time filling all the spaces. Then I had to down scale and it taught me a big lesson about the giveaway. I gave away with joy and fun as I watched others having pleasure in receiving.

My greatest teaching of the giveaway came when I visited Hopiville, Arizona. I was with Tyrone Jeff Snr, (an amazing Peyote Road man and healer) and we were visiting Hopi elders to give healings. I always wore my favourite fringed leather jacket and cowboy boots. I took with me food and tobacco as a gift. We sat down and the elder looked at me and said that he liked my jacket and boots. I replied, ‘Thank you.’ He looked at me again and said, ‘I like your jacket and boots.’ I thanked him and noticed that Tyrone and the elders were laughing. Tyrone then did the healings and as I was getting up to leave the elder again said that he liked my jacket and boots and held out his hand to shake with mine, which we did. At that point the house erupted with laughter. ‘What happened?’ was my bemused question. Through his hardy laughter Tyrone explained that I had just given away my boots and jacket to the elder as was a tradition which I had just confirmed by shaking his hand as an agreement.

I left in a pair of old trainers and no jacket. From that day forth I made sure that unless I wanted to be a part of a giveaway I would leave the clothing I loved at home. For me this was a great teaching and to this day I can still remember my shock at having to let something go that was, at that point in my life, materially important to me. As I write this I am laughing and smile at the great teaching that was imparted to me that day.

Now you too can ‘giveaway’

As part of your rite of passage for healing it is time to do a giveaway ceremony with belongings that you no longer need. Go around you home asking what no longer serves your life’s purpose, which belongings wish to move on. Start with the bedroom, the wardrobe, cupboards, and jewellery box. Then go into the other rooms one by one until everything that is needed to be, is cleared. Ask friends over for a ‘Giveaway Party’ so that they can choose what they would like to receive and what is left you can take to a charity shop. You will feel lighter, happier and more abundant in your spirituality. Introducing this practice will bring positive change. You will view your life as a giveaway, an offering to Creator to give away what no longer is important in your life, but could make someone else happy. Don’t be weighed down by the accumulation of things; they will only entrap you. The Three Fold Law states that ‘what you give out comes back to you’, which is part of the Wiccan Rede and also applies to spiritual abundance and the Giveaway.

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Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

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