Machu Pichu: Offering a New Perspective


Machu Picchu’s Intihuatana (‘Hitching Post of the Sun’), is one of the few surviving examples of such stones, dedicated to the sun god Inti. The Inca believed that this stone held the spirits of the ancestors, which would leave if it was broken. Fortunately, the Spanish never found Machu Picchu, so the deities of that place still reside there. Where do you feel your spirit resides? If you sense a personal association with any special place, try visiting it or meditating on its picture in order to tap into memories of a past lifetime that may be associated with that site. This sacred site offers the medicine of transformation, connecting you to the primal energy of this land. Try the perspective exercise below to draw on the power of this site and allow it to show you what has gone before and why, so that you may gain a better perspective on your life as it is now.

Archaeologists marvel at the incredible masonry skills of the Inca, who constructed their self-contained city high on the mountainside using close-fitting blocks of granite, without any mortar. This technique gave their buildings a resilience that enabled many to survive the violent earthquakes of the region. How resilient are you? Can you stick to what’s right during testing times? When it comes to work, education, politics, you must resist bowing to pressure from those who seek an easier life at the expensive of your integrity. It may feel as if you have to climb a mountain in order to rise above the self-interest of others, like the Inca ascending to the top of Huayna Picchu. From this vantage point you will see better what you must do and others will listen to your reasoning.

If you have longed to discover what is really out there, now is your chance to find out. Travel and new perspectives are in store for you. The sun god Inti is the son of Viracocha, the creator of all things. The Inca believed that they were Inti’s representatives on earth. The sun lives within each one of us, illuminating the way ahead. If you feel that a part of you has died, do the exercise below to call on your inner sun to triumph over this darkness. Do you believe in a divine plan? Are you guided by a set of values? Acknowledging that life has a higher meaning can help you through the dark times. The sun is symbolic of your will and your purpose in life; your astrological sun sign relates to your basic nature and your driving force. Do you know your astrological birth chart, of which your sun sign is only a part? Investigate your own chart and discover what your sun and the other planets mean for you.

A new Perspective Visualization
Imagine you are standing on the top of Huayna Picchu, high above Machu you are standing on the top of Huayna Picchu, high above Machu Picchu. It took great courage to climb here, for many fall to their death in the attempt. You have overcome hardship and now you stand like the deity you are. The world is at your feet, the sun above shines brightly and the air is pure. You feel a million miles away from all the worries and stresses of everyday life. This is your opportunity to view the things that have troubled you differently; your feelings about a situation can change just by having a different perspective. Now breathe in the strength of the sun and the warmth that nourishes as it transmutes any fears held within. Feel yourself become one with the light and change as your frequency is raised and you experience weightlessness. No longer are you carrying the burden of lower energies. You are safe now and free to see the world anew. Be the light, be bold and bright.


Barbara Meiklejohn‐Free is a healer, author, teacher and storyteller – all of which she employs in Barbara Meiklejohn‐Free imageweaving the ancient craft of the Shaman. Drawing on her extensive work with the Native American traditions, as well as those of many other indigenous cultures including her own Pagan heritage, she is a recognized expert in assisting people to explore the Calling, in vision questing, in performing initiations and in hosting ceremonies across the globe. Barbara has been communing with Spirit since the age of 12 and her work today is synonymous with integrity, authenticity and vision. Her no‐nonsense, hands‐on approach has helped thousands to reclaim their natural gifts through her many talks, readings, performances, seminars and residential workshops.

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