Meet Chris Nelson, Our Guest Instagrammer!

Take a look at our Instagram account this week, Wake Up and Soar author Chris Nelson is going to be our guest Instagrammer until Sunday!

It’s time to take charge of your life and master your own wellbeing, and Chris Nelson will tell you how. Chris is a wellbeing entrepreneur, who has been creating business around yoga and the holistic healing arts for the last twenty years. He is the founder of the Ashiyana Retreat Village, a retreat centre that brings guests from all over the world and a group of local staff and foreign teachers and therapists who together make up the Ashiyana community.  Chris has constantly evolved what is offered at Ashiyana and it is now a globally recognised teacher training centre as well as a sought-after destination for its Ayurvedic centre, its detox retreats and its ’emotional healing journeys’.

When you relax deeply, you realize your essential nature – your inner peace of being.


Chris Nelson


Our fundamental relationship is the one that we have with ourselves, master this and we master all else. Yet we live in a world where stress and chronic disease are spiralling out of control. What we need is to learn how to relax and this begins with the mind. But how can we relax when living a fast paced city life?  You can listen to Chris Nelson interviewed by author Steve Nobel, talking about calming the mind, and how to apply simple principles in everyday life.






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